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Unaffordable Fashion, Is It?


By Rajshree Gupta

A nice hot dress: 4000 INR. A good pair of stiletto shoes: 4000 INR. The mind boggling accessories: 2000 INR (a delicate neck piece, bracelet, earrings etc.). A sling bag or a hand bag: 2000 INR. Keeping the make-up aside, these are calculations that will make you look hot with a good branded stuff. This is the average price of everything. Seriously! Girls spend 12,000 INR on their every “perfect” set of clothing? Yeah! This could be the starting. Most women spend more.


But clearly, how many women can actually afford this price range to make them count in the category of trendy, hot and gorgeous ones every time? Ummm! In India, not many. Many women actually feel inferior when they are not dressed according to the current trend, but then they can’t afford to spend a huge sum of money every time when something new comes. And indubitably, this is the law of fashion that it’s keep on changing and evolving.

Wait a second! But who said you look stunning when you are covered with brands? Yaa, the branded stuff is durable but fashion keeps on changing, right? Who the hell needs durability when you can’t afford it! There’s always something special about street shopping, you get almost every accessory in so many colours, pattern and style for a very reasonable price. Go and choose the best item for you available there. Search for boutiques where branded items come in discounted rates. If you are a regular customer, you can get more discounts. Wait for the sales where you can get large discounts but then usually sales starts at the end of the season and hence, at the end of the latest fashion trend. But other options are available round the year.

Keep the basic colours of black and white in your wardrobe to be paired with almost any colour. Well, I am sure, you must be having that! The era of mix and match is already here. You are not required to have a brand new stunning outfit for every special event.  Take an example of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, she re-wears her favourite clothes just like the rest of us and people admire her for her choice. Isn’t this cool? You don’t need a thick bundle of notes, just a little sense of “jugaad” as it has always worked in India and will definitely work for you too.

For your shoes! Yes! Keep a part of your income aside each time and buy good branded foot wears because apart from durability, the comfort plays an unavoidable role here. Good shoes will give you an elegant walk. Also, shoes have gained a peculiar kind of attention these days; you have to have good shoes for you to make a good overall impression on others.

stlttosThus, keep the thinking aside that to be fashionable, you need a fat bank balance. Only you need to put a lot of efforts as it requires a handsome amount of search to get the desirable item at the best price and “at a right time”.

So, Happy Shopping! :)



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