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Umesh Agarwal, the “Credit King”, Launches a New Mentorship Program


For a limited time only, a new wave of students will be accepted into Umesh Agarwal’s credit mentoring program.

Startup Fortune, June 23, 2020: Agarwal, frequently referred to by his nickname the “Credit King” on social media, has expanded his current credit repair mentoring service to include travel hacking, credit card churning, tips on how to travel for free, and a “credit in a box” service for people looking to start their own credit repair agency. He is currently one of the top credit coaches in the world. 

Over the past two years, Agarwal has documented his credit repair strategies on Instagram, giving people an inside view on how to leverage credit to gain access to credit lines, travel for heavily discounted rates, and improve their credit scores using various strategies used in Agarwal’s company, Credit 101 LLC. 

This insight and transparent approach to scaling a business has helped Agarwal build a following of over 250,000 people and hit over 7 figures in revenue. In the past year, Agarwal has helped dozens of students create credit agencies that are largely turnkey and leverage Agarwal’s existing infrastructure to scale quickly. This is one of the only opportunities on the market that offers complete support for new students and guides them through the process from start to finish.

The Power of Having Strong Credit

At the foundation of Agarwal’s program is learning the foundations of credit in the United States. Hailing from India, Agarwal went into deep debt after moving to the United States to get a masters degree in engineering. Despite a strong educational background and job prospects, the debt Agarwal occurred started to impact his well-being. This is when he decided to take control and learn exactly how to alleviate the debt. This process led him to eventually build his own credit repair agency that is based in Florida but operates across the country.

To get a better understanding of how credit can drastically change someone’s life, it is important to know what options exist. For one, a good credit score opens up opportunities for premium credit cards that offer strong cash back or points rewards. These rewards accumulate quickly and offer perks such as discounted or free travel, deals and discounts for many retailers, upgrades, and concierge services. Once a strong credit score is maintained, consumers can qualify for low or no interest lines of business credit to immediately secure funding for their business ventures. 

Things like home and auto loans are also drastically more accessible and come with better rates. The most important thing to remember is credit is an incredible resource when used responsibly. A lot of people have a fear of credit cards or make mistakes early in life and end up neglecting any responsibility to fix their past mistakes. 

The best time to work on credit repair is now. Even if mistakes have been made in the past, it is best to get back on the right track and start taking advantage of credit. This is something Agarwal teaches his students and this mindset shift helps people take responsibility and start actively working at improving their situation. 

In the past, Agarwal’s Inner Circle credit mentorship program was limited to 100 students, making sure he and his partners could actively speak to and coach each participant with a close amount of detail. This level of service will continue through the various new mentorship programs Agarwal will be announcing soon, along with the core services, like Credit in a Box, which will continue due to their increased demand. 

Interested students can learn more on Umesh Agarwal’s personal website or directly on Instagram.

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