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UBSBit creates a new era of future digital assets


With the coming of the times of 5G and big data, the era of digital assets has undergone a qualitative change, and the data economy of the Internet has taken a leap forward. However, the economic growth hasn’t benefited everyone yet. As the increasing variety of digital assets, it’s getting harder and harder to manage them, security, privacy and portability cannot be effectively guaranteed. In the application process of digital assets, communication and social networking, transaction payment, identity authentication and other aspects of decentralized application, which lack of security trust, the mis-operation problem also exists. The rules of putting assets listing are basically set by centralized managers, lacking democratic and community-based operation.

That is what UBSBit is for, it is a digital assets integrated service platform that sets digital assets one-stop secure storage management services, investment and financial management, asset recovery in one. The decentralized token investment management platform blockchain developed on that basis is to realize the UBSBit blockchain Internet of the Internet of Value.

Adopting multi-encryption secure storage technology and cross-chain protocol, UBSBit realized the rapid transaction which is comparable to the Lighting Network. The core technology of UBSBit is achieve rapid transaction through the underlying technology, its security is higher than the Zero Confirmation, and its simplicity and landing performance are better than the Lightning Network. It is a layered channel payment network based on in-depth learning and multiple- factor authentication. With mature technology, simple principles and concise design, the speed per second digital currency transceiving can be realized based on UBSBit network conveniently and reliably. In terms of speed, security and privacy, the transfer speed of blockchain assets is comparable to the Lightning Network.

So far, UBSBit has signed strategic cooperation agreements with many countries’ science and technology applications. Through the way of science and technology, UBSBit can freely flow around the world and build its complete ecology. In the near future, users can enjoy the applications of asset management, digital asset exchange and transaction, information communications contract and so on in the ecology of UBSBite, providing convenience for the use in living life and helping users to realize rapid growth of their digital assets.

However, the value of UBSBite is far more than that, value flow is a necessary way to realize the national wealth growth. Therefore, UBSBite has issued a total of 330 million ecological token, UBSBit. Through a perfect distribution ratio and a perfect revenue model designed by UBSBite technical team and economic experts, each user can enjoy fair and non-monopolized rights and interests, so that UBSBit can really reach to users. While avoiding the manipulation of the bankers and consortia, it can also make all users who build the ecology for UBSBit gain profits, so that the community can achieve a win-win situation.

UBSBite is committed to provide a safe, convenient, effective and self-learning digital asset management platform for global users, enriching the application scenarios of blockchain technology and digital currency and we aiming at promoting its service to business progress and social development. UBSBite hopes to creates the peak platform of digital assets in the future, providing users with the service of rapid deployment of efficient blockchain solutions, easily completing the transaction, exchange and value investment of digital currency, realizing the rapid appreciation of digital currency and truly activating your digital assets.

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