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Twenty Beauty Ramed Up The Travel Glam Game


While prepping for mega-ultimate-trips, we tend to over scrutinize the must-visit spots at our destinations but tend to forget something as basic as packing a makeup bag properly that will fetch us an Instagram-mable face.
But nowadays, we can only get our hands on common drug store products. In order to tackle this situation, Gen-Z makeup brand ‘twenty beauty’ introduced vending machines as one of their retail ventures which is now the ultimate game-changer.
twenty beauty
These vending machines do not have time or geographical boundaries as they happen to operate round the clock and are placed at various approachable locations.
Founders of ‘twenty beauty’, Jyotsna and Santhoshi Reddy said,
We wanted to make makeup approachable beyond time and place as contingencies made us adapt and develop flexible beauty business practices. This feature will impress and reach out to many audiences in a fast-moving world. We are also in the process of developing absolute travel-friendly product prototypes that cater to all mediums.”
Besides, the brand mission is to provide nourishment with good active ingredients that will achieve the desirable beat face.
So when in a hurry, don’t forget to stop by the vending machines to stock up on your make up essentials.
Brand Voice
Brand Voice
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