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By Nikita Rana

From giant bricks to feature phones to touch screens… cell phone industry have always had something new and exciting for humans… And when touch became boring, air gestures were introduced for specific tasks, and the time is not far away when we will witness bendable screens phones in India also.

Samsung-I can bring a flood of features that never really get used :D

Samsung, caption of Industry, has its hands in every pie. From expensive feature-jammed-giants like S4 and Note 3 to budget friendly Galaxy Grand and at the lower end there are Rex Series and Galaxy Trend S7392, to name a few.

Ruling the Indian Mobile Industry, it has almost flooded the market with numerous devices with a change in one or more features in every price range. There are over 50 Samsung devices in 5000-10000 range alone, being the evidence.

Is the undisputed leader facing a stiff competition from small companies like Micromax and Karbonn?  Mircomax is the Indian brand which has escalated from a local start-up company to a leading brand giving intense competition to multinationals and bigwigs like Samsung and Sony.

“Effectively, micromax gave people, the youngsters especially, the first opportunity to graduate to a smartphone. And a good quality smartphone,” said Himanshu Chakrawarti, chief executive at The Mobile Store Ltd, a large mobile phone retail chain.

Unleashing mobile phones equipped with out-of-the-box features and technologies at almost half the price offered by Samsung and others, these companies are the saviours for Indian masses who can now avail these technologies within their budget.

The moot point is does Samsung really need to worry? I feel that factors like brand power, resale value, global recognition, after sale services will continue ensuring Samsung increasing sales. Samsung has great visibility; “jitna dikhega utna bikega” has been appropriately used, with huge advertisements of newly launched phones like S4 at big shopping malls and airports etc.

But the steady growth shown by Micromax in the past has been evidence of its competence. The success it has received till now cannot be undermined. It is striving hard to increase its global presence and at the time offering innovative products. Samsung surely has to watch out for its competitor.

Micromax-I am the answer to your low budget ;)

Micromax offers Canvas 4 outfitted with high tech features like ‘Blow to Unlock’, ‘Smart Pause while watching video’, etc. that are there in Galaxy S4 at half the price. One will go for canvas 4, unless he is not raking in money.

Moreover, the transition from feature phones to smart phones has tremendously changed the mobile market –creating new opportunities and scope. The trend today is – giant 5 inch touch screen, reasonable camera and android off course. Larger screens have undoubtedly made surfing easier. People now can comfortably use mobile phones for accessing internet instead of PCs. Thanks to the unlimited data packs and large Wifi coverage.

Small mobile companies like Karbonn, Lava. Intex and gionee are continuously showing increasing trend in market share. The success mantra in Indian Market is to target middle class population.

Apple-Everyone copies me. B)
Apple-Everyone copies me. B)

Realising the need of cheaper smart phones with high specifications to make a mark in Indian Market, Apple also launched its cheaper version iPhone 5C in vivid candy colours which is again withdrawing sales from Samsung in smartphone segment.

Cell phone companies that design and make evolutionary upgrades are blossoming in the market to become more and more competitive.  LG has recently been flaunting about its curved screen phone G Flex equipped with a technology that can transform mobile phone industry. Is this an indication of a new smartphone era with bendable and foldable screens?

Advancements in the wearable technology- from smart watches to goggles could be the next big thing.

Sustenance of a technology depends on its utility and to what extent it can make our lives easier. From dawn to dusk, phones are surely our life companions….!!


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