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Don’t Have Enough Money To Travel? No Problem. Here’s How You Can Travel Without Money


We all know that travelling gives us an opportunity to explore and experience new things in life like new people, food, foreign traditions and customs that make us aware of all the things we are surrounded by .It helps us widen our horizon outside our daily work schedule and confined office/college buildings.

But while deciding the vacation budget and taking a look at our savings, we feel financially screwed .We then ponder that a vacation is possible only through budget cuts and delay in capital expenditures. But is this the right way to fund your much needed vacation?


Visiting new places at-least once a year helps us check the work exhaustion and makes us feel refreshed with enthusiasm. We can’t tend to family goals while jostling with office projects but traveling makes it easy for us to spend some unforgettable moments together and mend that gap which comes as a result of work pressure. Travelling is the best way to learn more about your abilities and to discover yourself.

You must be having a long list of things that you would like to experience in life but work always holds you back. Well, travelling is your chance to fulfill all your wishes instead of waiting for the right moment.



Travelling may help you discover your inner self but it also results in probable budget cuts and delayed luxuries in order to finance your dream trip. There is always a solution to every financial problem and believe it or not, Personal loan is the best way to finance your dream of travelling.


A personal loan can be used for any purpose and that too without answering anyone because it’s a multi-purpose loan. So it would be the key for you to travel freely without any obligations. If you don’t have any asset to put as collateral, personal loan is perfect for you because it’s an unsecured loan which you can get quickly as the processing is much faster than other kind of loans.



With personal loan, you’ll get up to I.N.R. 20 lakhs as loan amount, which means you don’t have to compromise on your travel because of your budget. Even though you might have to pay little higher interest rate, but you’ll get considerable amount of time around 1-5 years to repay your loan with equal instalments. So don’t worry about the repayment and take your time.

Repaying a personal loan is also easy because of the convenient options available to us such as post-dated cheques, online payments of EMI etc.

Travel brings joy in life and personal loan makes the path of joy easier. To make travelling possible, online fin-tech platforms like are helping borrowers to get thorough knowledge about the intricacies of the loan before they actually apply. The opaqueness in personal loan segment is removed through such platforms as information regarding interest rates, tenure and repayment is provided at one place to facilitate borrower convenience.

Travel as much as you can, as far as you can, as long as you can. Life’s not meant to be lived in one place because you now have the answer to travel expenses.

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