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FlippED: Our Bloggers Fight It Out Over Whether Tinder Is Worth It Or Lame


By Bhavya Malhotra & Siddharth Sharma

Siddharth thinks Tinder is a good idea:

What do we do on Facebook and Instagram? Stalk people. If some stranger approaches us, we call him/her a creep.

So to legitimize stalking and recognise the creep inside every human soul, dating apps were given as a boon to human kind.

Instead of looking into profiles of beautiful people who put stunning selfies and look like models, whose pictures we can see all day and realise that they’re way above our league, tinder presents a chance of meeting people who might actually come in our league.

How would you like to talk to a person to find out that they’re not interested or that they’re completely different?

Me: Hey! Do you..

Girl: I have a boyfriend.

Me: …have an extra pen?


You wouldn’t want to talk to a stranger only to find out that it was all for nothing, after all, collecting guts and walking up to someone isn’t that easy. Unless you’re Johnny Bravo.


I know most of you will say that we cannot judge people by a picture and a short description, but let me enlighten you with my wisdom.

Say every person is a book (a detailed jargon), and you’re a reader, consider how you buy a book.

  • Either you’re interested in the topic, like physics or philosophy
  • Or someone recommended it to you
  • Or you looked up a particular genre on the internet, read it’s description, and decided to give it a go

The third option is very efficient. It reduces the anomalies of time, effort and chance.

We’ve all heard instances about people getting married, I know a few myself. But if you don’t believe in such fair-E tales, I have a modest one for you. I met a girl on tinder, and she eventually became a good friend of mine. We might not be dating, but people who resonate with your vibe are not found so easily.

And even if you don’t like the book, you know what kind you don’t like, and find the right one next time. What’s the harm in trying?

Bhavya explains on: Why Tinder is the lamest application ever.

Tinder is the shaadi.com for kids. Let’s face it. There are only two types of people one can find on tinder. And for me, both the types are equally lame and meaningless.


Type 1:

Those who are JUST looking for some action. If you know what I mean. No, I am not judging these people nor do I want to sound narrow-minded. All am I saying is, if you aren’t on Tinder with the same intention, then you can be virtually molested may be.

Type 2:

Those type of people who are looking for REAL love. Like, seriously? Looking for your soulmate amongst the strangers who are doing nothing but just trying to sell themselves with a fancy bio and a Photoshopped picture? Looking for soulmates merely by swiping left and right on those who might be “ready to lie about how we met.”  Looking for soulmates amongst the people who are “here for friendship. Not looking for anything more.”  Do you really fall in that trap?

Studies have shown that a majority of this online participants DO NOT actually meet the people they are matched to. Which means, even if you think you have found your ‘soulmate’ there, you might just NEVER meet them. I wish all of such people, a happy virtual relationship.

Honestly, Tinder is nothing but an app for your own ego boast. Every time you left swipe someone you secretly feel superior. And every time you match with someone you feel unnecessarily flattered just because a random stranger loved your over rated bio and a dazzling DSLR picture.

And yes, how much can you be sure about the fact that the person talking to you and the profile you matched with are the same people? Well, it can be a big fraud. Especially in a country like India where people have the capacity and the talent to turn LinkedIn into Tinder too.

Need I say more, why Tinder is the lamest invention by mankind?

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Siddharth Sharma
Siddharth Sharma
Believes in the force.



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