The collapse of the Uttarkashi tunnel has trapped around 40 labourers trapped inside and a massive rescue operation taking place.

On Sunday, a section of the under-construction tunnel from Silkyara to Dandalgaon on the Brahmakhal-Yamunotri National Highway (NH) collapsed trapping many workers inside. As per the district administration officials, the workers are from various places like Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Odisha, Bihar, and West Bengal.

The live updates claim that the workers seem to be safe but have been requesting food which the Silkyara police control room said is being provided to them along with oxygen supply.

What Is Happening With The Rescue Mission?

Devendra Patwal, Uttarkashi District Disaster Management Officer (DDMO), reportedly said, “The work to remove debris in the tunnel is underway. Excavator machines have been arranged to remove the debris. All workers are safe.

We have been able to succeed in speaking to the trapped labourers through walkie talkie and oxygen supply is being ensured to the trapped workers through the pipeline laid for water supply. The trapped labourers had said they were hungry and asked for food. Food (‘chana’) packets have been supplied to them through the same pipeline through the compressor.”

According to reports, the incident occurred around 200 meters from the mouth of the tunnel while the workers are trapped some 60 meters away from where the collapse happened.

Around 15 meters of the tunnel area has been cleared of the debris with Disaster Management Secretary Ranjit Kumar Sinha as per reports saying that authorities estimate the trapper workers will be rescued by Tuesday night or Wednesday.

Over 150 personnel from the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) and Border Roads Organisation (BRO) have been working on this rescue mission every single minute of the day for 3 days now.

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Uttarkashi Tunnel Collapse

Rescue teams have also been sending dry foods and oxygen to the trapped workers through pipes, even water and medicines are being supplied as per authorities.

In the midst of this, one of the trapper workers, Gabbar Singh Negi, did manage to speak with his son and update him about his situation.

Akash, Negi’s son told news agency PTI, “I was allowed to speak to my father for a few seconds using the pipe through which oxygen is being supplied to the stranded workers.”

He added that his father assured them that “He said they were safe. He asked us not to worry as the company is with them.”

Maharaj Singh Negi, the son’s uncle also said “We were initially not allowed by the policemen to talk to those trapped inside. When I convinced the inspector that hearing from a relative would comfort the stranded labourers as well as the concerned family members and strengthen their hope for a safe rescue, he relented and I sent Akash to speak to his father.”

Although they could only speak for a few seconds it was enough to get the important things across.

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