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Top Nine Southern Bloggers of 2020


There is something incredibly unique about southern style. From the accent to the boots, architecture to home cooking, the style of the American South represents family, tradition, grace, and a little bit of glam. Southern women are known for wearing dresses, pearls, and linen, and there is no such thing as being overdressed. While the South may be elegant and refined, Southerners are known to speak their mind and carry confidence like no other. 

What is so endearing about the South that they blend their lifestyles and lead with dignity no matter what the occasion. Whether it’s at the grocery store or charity gala, a Southern woman always stands out in a crowd. She knows all the secrets and can put on a fabulous dinner party without breaking a sweat. With a renewed focus on friends, family, and tradition this year, Southern style has taken the spotlight once again, and in no particular order, these are the top nine Southern bloggers of 2020.

  1. Alexandra Nicole

Alexandra Nicole is a Bluff City blogger and the face behind the account @CityChicLiving.  As CEO of the Confident Boss, mom of 2 little boys, and current PhD student, Alexandra credits her success to her unique style and dedicated work ethic. “A successful influencer must cultivate a brand that is unique, transparent and most importantly, true to herself.” states Alexandra “When it comes to creating an exceptional brand on social media, the people that are willing to look outside the box are the ones standing out.” With a ton of experience behind her, Alexandra is doing what Southern women do best, uplifting others and sharing best practices. 

  1. Alley Leto

Houston based Alley Leto shares all things home, style, wine, and food on @lifeofalley, where Gulf Coast tradition meets modern style. A magazine contributor and digital creator, Alley believes there is strength when we share our stories. “Southern women come together no matter what,” states Alley. “All of us have influence, and we are all capable of inspiring those around us.” Harvard Business School Online Entrepreneurship Alum

, and groundbreaking in her approach towards creating content for women with families Alley puts family first while sharing her passion for life and style. 

3​. Brittany Henry

B​rittany Henry of @brittanyhenryblog is a Memphis based blogger who isn’t afraid to share her lifestyle tips, bargain shopping adventures, and personal struggles with anxiety with the fearlessness one would only expect from a true Southern woman. “I believe in authenticity and building relationships,” says Brittany. “There is room for everyone. We might as well make friends along the way!” Working with brands such as Tula, Red Dress, and Frankie Rose Cosmetics, Brittany proves that a little bit of style and grace goes a long way.

4​. Ava Roxanne Stritt

Ava Roxanne Stritt, aka @SpaTravelGal, hails from South Carolina and shares all things regarding self-care and wellness. As a professional freelance travel writer, Ava has worked with some of the world’s most famous outlets, such as CBS News, USA Today, Travelocity, and Upscale Living Magazine. “Southern women take good care of themselves,” explains Ava. “I strive to share my knowledge of wellness with deeply rooted traditions we have in the South around self-care.” Also, as an award-winning journalist Ava is famous for turning an average spa day into a full-on wellness adventure as she recently did at Canyon Ranch. This spa expert knows self-care.

5​. Peyton Newlon

A​n Arkansas girl through and through, Peyton Newlon @srattyp is a self-proclaimed MBA student with a shopping problem. Ambitious, hardworking, and also a social butterfly, Peyton started sharing her love of preppy style. “In the South, prep is a way of life,” says Peyton. “I truly enjoy showcasing Southern brands that embody those values and building connections within our community.” Peyton enjoys creating, writing, and producing all things with a Southern twist. From clothes to accessories with Peyton, you know you’ll find the next great piece to pull together your preppy Southern look.

6​. Reese Witherspoon

A​ctress turned entrepreneur Reese Witherspoon is the founder behind @DraperJames, a clothing brand inspired by her Southern upbringing. Unapologetically pretty, just like the traditional Southern girl, but designed for real-life Draper James revolves combines style and charm. When you wear Draper James, you automatically feel a sense of refinement that only comes with traditional Southern style, and Reese Witherspoon has brought Southern girl style to the rest of the world.

7​. Kristin Jonakin

A​ no-frills, homeschooling Southern mama of three boys in Tennessee, Kristin Jonakin @confessionsofacountrymama, started blogging as an emotional outlet when she left her research career to raise her three boys. By sharing the ups and downs of marriage and motherhood with her passion for hand-crafted cocktails and cooking, Kristin has created a space where mothers can find solace and community and a few laughs. Kristin works with various brands such as Welch’s, Target, and Proctor and Gamble and believes that social media gives us connection and growth. Kristin explains, “tenacity is hearing a million no’s but working until you get that first yes.” 

8​. Ashley Houston 

The blogger behind @nashvillewifestyles, Ashley Houston, shows the real and raw struggles of motherhood, easing the stigma around mental illness and inspiring women to live their best lives. By building others’ confidence, Ashley has created a community showcasing the tenacity of the true Southern woman. A top Nashville influencer Ashley regularly contributes as an expert on Today in Nashville and Talk of the Town. “As I began to open up about my own personal journey, I found that there is strength in numbers,” says Ashley. “My brand grew as I was more honest with my followers and showed them we are all in this together.” Whether it’s beauty and fashion or advice for a better life, Ashley hopes to bring that Southern strength to life.

9​. Pamelyn Rocco

A​ Southerner at heart, Pamelyn Rocco @houseofbashery is a Pittsburgh native with roots now in Franklin, TN. Sharing her passion for home design, style, DIY, family, and entertaining, Pamelyn has built a brand elevating Southern traditions with a modern flair. “I absolutely love what Southern women represent,” explains Pamelyn. “The Southern woman is a beautiful balance between modern, but with deep rooted traditions.” With a focus on relatability, Pamelyn has earned partnerships with Pantene, Neutrogena, Michael’s, and JC Penny. A sequins and glitter advocate with a gold paint spray addition, Pamelyn is a manifestation expert who won’t apologize for her love of all things pretty.

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