To start with Netflix was just a catalogue of movies, TV shows, drama series, documentaries etc for people to subscribe and enjoy. It was long before they started to produce their own original movies and shows.

2017 saw them release a massive 1,000 new hours of content. If you are looking for a new original Netflix series to binge watch, which are the greatest ones available?

#1. 13 Reasons Why

There are now two series of 13 Reasons Why and it has become somewhat of a cult series, like many of the other Netflix original production.

This series follows the story of Hannah Baker, a high school girl who committed suicide and left 13 tapes to explain why she killed herself.

The story is told from Hannah’s perspective, along with her crush and friend Clay, who is the subject of one of the tapes, but was he to blame?

#2. Stranger Things

Stranger Things takes on a science fiction horror and also now has 2 seasons. It is set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana and follows the story of the investigation into a missing young boy and supernatural occurrences along with the appearance of a girl who has psychokinetic abilities who helps with the search.

#3. Narcos

Narcos, is an American crime drama that is set and filmed in Colombia and based upon the story of Pablo Escobar, the billionaire drug kingpin and now has three seasons.

It follows the story of when the manufacturing of cocaine started in South America in the 1970s.

This series has seen a lot of attention and even resulted in merchandising opportunities and also Netflix working in association with NetEnt, the video slot developer, to create a Narcos themed slot game.

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#4. Orange Is The New Black

Orange is The New Black is now on its sixth series and is now the most watched Netflix original series and has received 6 Golden Globe nominations.

OITNB is based upon the memoir of Piper Kerman, “Orange Is The New Black: My Year In A Women’s Prison”, telling of her experiences living in a minimum security prison, FCI Danbury.

Piper is sentenced to a 15-month prison sentence in her 30s. She had been convicted of transporting a suitcase of drug money for her girlfriend Alex, who is an international drug smuggler.

#5. Making a Murderer

Making a Murderer is a documentary series with 10 episodes that looks into the real-life story of Steven Avery, from Wisconsin, who served 18 years in prison after a wrongful conviction for sexual assault and attempted murder.

He was then fully exonerated based upon DNA evidence. The documentary was filmed over a 10-year period and became one of the most talked about TV series when it was released in 2015.

There are few details out there at present, but it is believed that Netflix will eventually release a second series.

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