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Top Business Professionals to follow in 2021


With so much that has happened in the year of 2020, it’s easy to say we’ve been through some troubling times. Through pandemonium & global crisis, the world’s economic reputation has been put to the test. Rest assured, our world’s brightest minds, particularly business leaders have had to adapt to effectively move forward.

It’s safe to say that all great leaders, not just in business share a common factor. A keen sense of grit and determination to find opportunity and solutions when obstacles strike. Our organization has put together a list of what we consider to be the top business professionals you should look out for as we end this memorable year. Each individual on this list has earned the title as a leader & a true business professional. Many featured in this article are leaders in their sector and are continuing to pave the future for our world.

Bill Wooditch:

Bill Wooditch is the Founder of The Wooditch Company, a Keynote Speaker, Author, and Podcast Host. He has built a multi-million dollar organization in the business insurance sector from the philosophy that “To receive value, you first have to give value”. Bill personally mentors and teaches from his professional experiences about personal development and professional success. Operating on the premise that the ability to anticipate and react accordingly will further his business, Bill takes proactive measures to set standards to which he constantly works towards. Furthermore, the ability to create original content and commit to the delivery and integrity behind his ideas helped Wooditch climb his way to the top. Throughout Bill’s box office professional career he has been ranked the #1 Sales Producer at a Fortune 500 Company, and has written two books titled “Always Forward” and “Fail More,” a Wall Street Journal bestseller. His books depict the lessons he’s learned throughout his journey to help others learn from his mistakes and experiences, allowing his audience to advance in their careers and reach their goals faster. The term, “Always Forward,” is the key principle Bill preaches to be successful in life. Wooditch’s commitment to engaging with others has furthered his success as a professional and will continue to fuel his career and personal achievements in the future. To learn more about Bill Wooditch and The Wooditch Company, click here.

Joseph Land:

Joseph Land is the Founder and Chairman of JL Capital Group, LLC, an investment company based out of Charleston, South Carolina. JL Capital’s investments include FInancial Services, Transportation, Real Estate, Technology, and other Operating companies. Joseph and his company provide funding for investors and entrepreneurs looking to expand their business, and with more than 35 years of experience, Joseph knows first hand what being an entrepreneur entails. Joseph started Joseph Land Group with a $50,000 loan and in 25 years he did $189 million in sales. He eventually sold the company in 1994 and within 6 years he created a Real Estate holding company with more than $140 million in assets. His true passion lies in mentoring entrepreneurs and teaching them how to become successful from the ground up. As a result from his experience in building companies, Joseph knows that acquiring capital is the most difficult part of the process. His goal with JL Capital is to help entrepreneurs gain capital through investments to help start and run their businesses. Joseph’s biggest obstacle thus far has been teaching others to see what others do not. Running a business requires extensive thought and analysis, and helping others hone their skills has been a challenge worth tackling. Moving forward, Joseph is looking to make more sound investments while expanding his network with new, younger entrepreneurs looking to create their space in the world today. To learn more about Joseph Land and JL Capital Group, LLC, click here.

Kevin King: 

Kev “King” Kouyoumjian is the Founder and CEO of World Tech Toys, a remote control toy brand located in Valencia, California. Kev built World Tech Toys from the ground up, bringing it from nothing to one of the top toy manufacturing companies in the United States. Working relentlessly from day one, Kev has secured exclusive licensing contracts with companies such as Marvel, Disney, Hasbro, Nickelodeon, Lamborghini, Bugatti, as well as many others. With no college experience or business degree, Kev sells his products to every major retail store including Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Costco, 7-11, CVS, Kohlʼs and endless more. One of his most successful toys to date has been the Striker Camera Drone which, in 2015, he sold more than 4 million of them, and more than 10 million drones total. With such success in the drone sector aside from his toys, he plans to have many big licenses such as Mandalorian, Bugatti, SpongeBob, Ninja Turtles and Many more. The future of World Tech Toys is looking bright, and Kev is looking to make it the most well known toy company in the United States. Moving forward, he is working to start selling his toys in Europe in 2021 while creating new toys for the market and building more partnerships with big companies. To learn more about Kev “King” Kouyoumjian and World Tech Toys, click here.

Logan Stout:

Logan Stout is the Owner of IDLife, Dallas Patriots Inc., and renowned author of Grit Factor and Stout Advice. As a business owner, Logan has generated over $1 billion in revenue as well as conducted business with iconic business leaders such as Barbara Corcoran and Daymond John from the T.V. show “Shark Tank”, John C. Maxwell, and plenty more. Logan has also been a guest on several hit television shows, podcasts, and featured in Inc. Magazine, Success Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine. With his company IDLife, Logan has developed the first DNA backed vitamin supplement that is personalized to each individual, and is ultimately transforming the way people think about their health. Developing an entirely new paradigm within the nutrition industry has brought many challenges to Logan, but a firm believer in his product, he knows very well that when people start to see the results of the supplement, there will be a major shift in the consumption of vitamins. Moving forward, Logan is looking to continue to evolve as a leader by striving to be better each and every day, knowing that the best is yet to come. To learn more about Logan Stout and IDLife, click here.

Marc Effron:

Marc Effron is the Co-Founder of Legacy Healing Center, a behavioral, healthcare, and addiction recovery center in Margate, Florida. Legacy Healing Center is run not solely by people who know academically what they are doing, but by people who have lived through the recovery process. Prior to his time at Legacy Healing Center, Marc found great success in the Financial Services industry, where he was promoted to the position of Vice President of an esteemed investment company. On top of his impressive track record, he is also a father, mentor, and personal development coach to help people fulfill their lives as they were meant to do. Marc has taken extreme measures to give back to the community as best he can. Him and his family have a goal of feeding at least 1,000 families during the holiday season, as well as give to organizations looking to make a difference in the world. Growing up, Marc faced immense hardships following his dropping out of high school. Finding a way to make his way to the corporate world after that was not an easy task, but it taught him valuable life lessons which he carries with him every day. Moving forward, Marc is looking to continue growing Legacy Healing Center to touch as many lives as possible. Furthermore, he vows to continue bettering himself along the way utilizing meditation practices he has picked up throughout his life. To learn more about Marc Effron and Legacy Healing Center, click here.

Sebastian Acosta: 

Expect Sebastian Acosta to rise to the top of the real estate industry in 2021. He is a very knowledgeable and trusted advisor at ONE Sotheby’s International Realty in Miami, Florida. Sebastian is also a best-selling book author, with an extensive social media following. He has been awarded many Top Producing Luxury Agent awards, and has sold more than 400 homes in just the last 7 years, including many of the largest and highest priced penthouses in the area. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, real estate in Florida has been booming with thousands of families and individuals moving from larger cities. Furthermore, record low interest rates have driven demand through the roof, and created low inventory in places like South Florida. As a result, demand for, and sales of homes and condos in Miami have risen dramatically. Along with great success in the industry thus far, Sebastian has also faced challenges along the way due to the online advances made to provide both Buyer’s and Seller’s with an overwhelming amount of options. Sebastian’s team has always found a way to thrive by adapting rapidly to the market changes, and by staying one step ahead by utilizing the latest marketing techniques, 3D technology, video tours and artificial intelligence. Being among the top real estate teams in South Florida, Sebastian and his group at ONE Sotheby’s provide unmatched detail and attention to every client that steps through their doors. If you’re interested in learning more about Sebastian, click here.

Chris Saunders:

Chris Saunders is the Founder and President of Integrated Communications, a field mobility solutions company based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Chris launched Integrated Communications in 2004, with his passion for helping others guiding his business. With more than 20 years of experience in the field mobility sector as a sales leader and an entrepreneur, he prides himself on helping companies save time, money, and launch new mobility technology, all while ensuring the effectiveness of his products. Integrated Communications is a one-stop-shop mobility company with the tools, resources, network, and experience necessary to help transportation, distribution, and field service companies dramatically improve their field operations. Using their three-pronged approach, Chris, and his team at Integrated Communications source, simplify, and support mobility projects from start to finish. Saunders prides himself on over-delivering to his customers by doing the unrequired. Accompanying his world class service, Chris and his team always focus on doing a little extra work for their clients to ensure they are satisfied. With a mission in mind, Chris is nowhere near finished with his career, and he is prepared to continue to put in the work to crush his goals. Moving forward, he is focusing on disrupting the market and providing the best mobility experience available anywhere. To learn more about Chris Saunders and Integrated Communications, click here.

Terry Kilakos:

Terry Kilakos is the Founder and President of North East Real Estate & Mortgage Agency, a full service, multidisciplinary real estate firm in Canada. Looking to perform many functions, Terry built North East to offer clients real estate, mortgage, financial services, and notarial services all in one company. Prior to North East, Terry worked as a financial advisor, market research business owner, and a real estate investor. Combining his previous experiences, he has utilized his skills to best serve his clients, as he searches the market for the lowest rates and the best deals and options available for his clients. Terry has ranked one of Canada’s Top Mortgage Professionals year after year, helping make North East one of Quebec’s most trusted and recognized brokerages. The future of North East holds great potential, as Terry is working to acquire and merge some of his competing brokerages, while expanding into the commercial space. In 2021, he is looking to expand his sales team in order to meet and exceed the needs of his clients. His biggest obstacle thus far with North East has been managing his advanced approach with the banking sector in Canada. Due to his precision and diligence, delays occur when he has too much going on, and he is looking to find more lenders in the upcoming years. Moving forward, Terry hopes to integrate cutting edge technology into his practices to help propel his business, allowing him to expand into new territories while maintaining the volume of sales he accommodates today. To learn more about Terry Kilakos and North East Real Estate & Mortgage Agency, click here.

Hassan Mahmoud:

Hassan Mahmoud is a Forex Educator and owner of two $1 million per month businesses, including So Legit Growth. Hassan’s main mission is to help individuals become winners in all aspects of life, but specifically their wealth and health. Through his social media platform, Hassan shows his audience the exact blueprint and guide to becoming an 8 figure earning individual. Through his work, Hassan has developed A.I. technology for the foreign exchange industry, which has allowed for thousands of people to create accelerated savings accounts from their own homes. On top of that, Hassan built a Social Media Marketing Agency, where he helps individuals take their businesses to the social media world while growing their following immensely to gain more exposure. Recently, Hassan has created a private Cryptocurrency Investing Group, where he teaches members how to invest and make money faster through the compound effect. Moving forward, Hassan is looking to build a non-profit organization where he can give back to communities by donating food, money, shelter, and water to people in need. To learn more about Hassan Mahmoud and So Legit Growth, click here.

Steven Ridzykowski:

Steven Ridzyowski is the Founder of Ecommerce Marketing Agency, LLC, an ecommerce business located in New Jersey. Since 2007, Steven and his team of professionals at Ecommerce Marketing Agency have helped thousands of individuals with building, managing, and advertising their ecommerce stores. Steven has more than 10 years of experience in advertising as well as multiple 6-7 figure ecommerce stores himself, and he truly embodies what his business stands for. Through his relentless attitude in business and years of work, Steven earned the title of being a Member of The Forbes Business Council as a Top Entrepreneur in 2020. His success was not earned without hardships, and Steven is no stranger to a challenge. His biggest obstacle thus far has been convincing new clients that the shift to online sales is real, and getting ahead of the curve will benefit them greatly. Looking into the future, Steven is confident that Ecommerce Marketing Agency is going to be an industry leading ecommerce company, with a goal of acquiring over 1,000 clients by the end of 2021. Moving forward, Ridzyowski is working to grow the opportunities for his employees while focusing on excelling his clients’ businesses above all else. To learn more about Steven Ridzyowski and Ecommerce Marketing Agency, LLC, click here.

Rudy Treminio: 

Rudy (El Patronn) Treminio is a Partner at Sunrise Chevrolet in Queens, New York. Through social media, Rudy has built a following of over 1 million on all of his platforms, differentiating himself from his competitors in the industry. In just a few years, he has been honored in the 40 Under 40 List for being the most influential person of the year, and he is the author of his own book GAMECHANGER on amazon. Growing up, Rudy struggled with change and feared being a failure. Working relentlessly to ensure his success, rudy took leaps and bounds to step outside of his comfort zone and overcome those hardships. He is confident that 2021 will bring immense amounts of profitability to the automotive industry, and he is prepared to work harder and smarter than ever to make sure every client receives the highest quality service. Moving forward, Rudy is working to continue taking leaps of faith and challenging himself in new ways.

With the mindset that there will always be room to move up in rank and in life, he will drive forward with an unstoppable will. To learn more about Rudy (El Patronn) Treminio and Sunrise Chevrolet, click here.

Imran Qureshi: 

Imran M. Qureshi is Chief of Staff and Executive General Manager at Murphy Auto Group in Tampa, Florida. Today, Imran mainly operates as the General Manager at Miracle Toyota in Haines City, Florida. In charge of hiring all management positions, performance evaluations, short and long term goals for all managers, Imran has his plate full with responsibilities. By focusing on always being intellectually curious, Imran positions himself perfectly to execute his leadership role with confidence and grace, and an unstoppable work ethic. Whether communicating with employees or clients, he is always following up to ensure everyone around him is informed, updated, and satisfied. Understanding different personalities and market conditions allows him to adapt to changes and any inconsistency that may arise. His work ethic and performance thus far has helped him become one of the youngest General Managers of an automotive dealership. Moving forward, Qureshi is confident that with the ever changing marketplace and evolution of technology, he will be able to perform even better and elevate the customer experience. Committed to learning and teaching, Imran is set up for more success and prosper in the near future. To learn more about Imran M. Qureshi, Murphy Auto Group, and Miracle Toyota, click here.

Greg Gale: 

Greg Gale is the Leader of The Gale Team at Nova Home Loans, based in Arizona. Greg and his team help home buyers with their real estate and mortgage strategies to help save clients thousands of dollars during stressful financial deals. The Gale Team is constantly looking to guide individuals and families during their mortgage and real estate decisions, and is always available to help in any way possible. One of Greg’s biggest obstacles during his professional career has been finding & growing his team with the right people for the job. Identifying candidates and training them to become successful professionals is something that Greg takes great pride in doing, and has led his team to achieve and overdeliver. With over $0.5 billion in loans already, more than 5,000 clients, and an unstoppable team, Greg and his team Team have been ranked Top 1% in the Mortgage Industry by Scotsman Guide since 2011. Moving forward, Greg is looking to invest more time and knowledge into his team to create even more success in the future. To learn more about Greg Gale and The Gale Team at Nova Home Loans, click here.

Trey Katcham:

Trey Ketcham is a Division Manager in the Greater Georgia area for Cutco and Vector. One of the youngest promoted to his position in company history, Trey’s genius lies in his ability to take young, driven individuals and teach them the skills to thrive in a sales position, all while developing valuable life skills. Trey teaches his associates the skills that help them to stand out later in life and when they apply for other jobs, and in the process help them earn incomes higher than many other jobs. Due to his drive and work ethic, Trey was inducted into the Hall of Fame before the age of 30, holds several national records, and has amassed more than $56 million in career sales. Cutco has been the #1 company in their industry for more than 30 years and the Greater Georgia division is growing at a rate of 51% in 2020. Trey’s biggest obstacle thus far has been growing and evolving as a leader in the ever-changing social landscape, while sharpening his tools as a salesperson. WIth so much success under his belt, Trey is looking to continue to play like a champion by embodying the four pillars of the company: True Professionalism, High Performance Standards, Constant Pursuit of Personal and Professional Growth, and a Culture of Fun. To learn more about Trey Ketcham and Cutco, click here.

Antonio Cook:

Antonio Givalli is the Managing Director at First Sterling Management, LLC, a boutique credit consulting and capital solutions company based in Beverly Hills, California. Antonio and his team at First Sterling Management help people and businesses take control of their credit and finances through financial education. Prior to his time in the finance industry, Antonio spent 20 years in the music industry as a marketing and talent manager, and he was a driving force behind many celebrity names today. After working in the entertainment industry, Antonio found his way into the finance industry, where he has been able to help thousands of people make smarter financial decisions, improve their credit scores, and helped more than 300 businesses get much needed capital so they could grow their companies. Although he faced many challenges throughout his career, the biggest to date has been teaching people to understand the value of his services. Working day in and day out doing his very best to help others, Antonio finds gratitude and happiness going to work every day. Moving forward, Antonio is working to empower his clients to become better investors every day, and his ultimate goal for the future is to move into a Private Equity Firm. To learn more about Antonio Givalli and First Sterling Management, LLC, click here.

Cole Ruud-Johnson: 

Cole Ruud-Johnson is the founder and president of Hello Pad, a real estate company based out of Seattle, Washington. Hello Pad is unlike other real estate company in the area, as it is a full service real estate company servicing off market homeowners and investor clients. Cole got his real estate license in 2018 and has worked in the business since then. Throughout his years involved in real estate, Cole developed a work ethic like no other, which is clear in his ability to start and scale several seven figure companies. Since the start of his career, Cole has been a part of over 200 real estate transactions and has grown Hello Pad to a 7 figure a year operation. With 2020 bringing a prosperous year for the real estate market across the United States, Cole is confident that 2021 will be the biggest year ever for off-market real estate. In his years involved in real estate, his biggest challenge has been choosing the right partners. With an unstoppable attitude towards his work and commitment to growing his business, Cole is focused on working with people that will motivate him to do more and perform better every day. Moving forward, Cole is looking to continue growing his team at Hello Pad, as well as work harder and smarter to remain an industry leading real estate company. To learn more about Cole Ruud-Johnson and Hello Pad, click here.

Ricky Volnay: 

Ricky Beliveau is the Owner and Operator of Volnay Capital, a real estate development and investment company based in Boston, Massachusetts. Ricky and his team at Volnay specialize in luxury condominium and rental buildings in and around the Boston area. Volnay has over 1,000 units in development, which makes them one of the larger development companies in the United States. With more than $60 million in real estate assets, diversification among the real estate sector in developments, rental properties, property management, and brokerage, Ricky has taken Volnay Capital to new heights. With great success thus far, one of Ricky’s biggest obstacles has been securing equity and debt during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although a challenge, Ricky and his team prevailed and secured both equity and debt for his upcoming 85 unit development “THE 600”. Moving forward, Ricky is looking to continue to grow his team by surrounding himself with driven, passionate, and intellectual professionals to create opportunity and expansion in the near future. To learn more about Ricky Beliveau and Volnay Capital, click here.

Izhan Khawaja:

Izhan Khawaja is an Options Trader and Founder of The Stock Market Geeks, a Stock Market training company based out of Greensboro, North Carolina. He moved to states 5 years ago with the American dream in mind and the burning desire for success and freedom. At the age of 18, Izhan got started in trading through the help of his mentors. After a year of trials, errors, and losses he found consistency in the market and decided to leave college to pursue trading full time. Ever since then, Izhan has consistently profited over six figures a year. After seeing his own journey and success in trading he helped some close friends and family do the same. This sparked an interest around the community so he started “The Stock Market Geeks” as a way to mentor others, and has helped more than 100 people diversify and expand their sources of income through the stock market. “I will never forget the circumstances and conditions of when I got started. Someone helped me accomplish my American dream and I will continue to help others achieve theirs and overcome similar hurdles.” As most traders do not believe you can make money in all market conditions, Izhan is working to teach people that there is always a time for trading, regardless of market conditions. To learn more about Izhan Khawaja and The Stock Market Geeks, click here.

Jarn Gibbs:

Jarn Gibbs is the Vice President of Operations at Alert Patrol, a public safety company located nationally across the United States. Serving to protect against criminal activity, Alert Patrol uses professionally trained armed and unarmed guards to protect their client’s assets, as well as assist law enforcement to ensure the safety of the public. Utilizing innovative approaches, the Alert Patrol team is constantly looking for ways to improve and sharpen their skills to provide the best service and stay ahead of their competitors. Jarn took what was once a small start-up company into a multi-million dollar company with no previous experience. Committed to making Alert Patrol a success, Jarn has been determined and has worked diligently to guide the company in the right direction. His biggest obstacle when running the company was finding a staff that was competent and committed to their mission. While maintaining the utmost expectations, Jarn built a task force that is unstoppable, and one that is always looking for ways to serve their clients better. Moving forward, Jarn is looking to accomplish bigger and better things with Alert Patrol. The ultimate goal of the company is to be a comparable solution to security, which they hope to accomplish through their diligence and ability to outperform their competitors. To learn more about Jarn Gibbs and Alert Patrol, click here.

Jeff Henry:

Jeff Henry is a Real Estate Investor and Founder of RealTEK Automations, a technology company based out of Tampa, Florida. Prior to starting RealTEK Automations, Jeff worked as a Real Estate Investor flipping contracts and houses, along with his wife Belinda Henry, this power couple built something special in their market. Throughout his career, Jeff has closed on more than 300+ deals as a wholesaler on different types of real estate transactions, and has also flipped more than 50+ real estate properties. Now, taking his software development experience and matching it with his real estate experience, Jeff started building tools that will benefit other Real Estate Investors. In 2020 alone, he has developed several automation tools that netted him 6 figures in one year. He has faced many challenges throughout his career, but the biggest thus far has been marketing to new audiences and driving more sales and customers to the company. With so many technology companies in the world today, making his mark with RealTEK has not been easy, but it is something he is looking to work on continuously throughout his career. Using his experience in real estate investing, Jeff is looking to create new technology in 2021 to enhance and shake up the real estate industry, which he projects will generate a 7 figure net in the new year. Moving forward, he is hoping to create more sales and customer traffic by partnering with investors, agents and affiliates, which will attract students, investors and other cold traffic to purchase his products. With new tactics and technology to enhance the real estate industry, Jeff is confident that his work will pay off in the upcoming years, and he is determined to build a reputable name for RealTEK. To learn more about Jeff Henry and RealTEK Automations, click here.

Christopher Molina: 

Christopher C. Molina is the Branch Business Development Manager and a Senior Loan Officer at Cross Country Mortgage in Palm Beach, Florida. As an essential member of the Ryan Brown Team at Cross Country Mortgage, Christopher’s work ethic, passion, and communication is unmatched in the industry. Molina’s mother escaped communism in Poland when she was just 18 years old, and his father escaped extreme poverty in Honduras when he was 23, which is the driving force behind his effort and care for what he does. As he embodies the American Dream, Christopher pours his heart and soul into his work to help his clients achieve freedom and the pursuit of happiness as well. Christopher lays out the blueprints to homeownership for his clients no matter the circumstances because he sees each and every client as part of his own family. With that mindset at hand, giving up is no option. His hard work has helped Christopher create and execute a growth strategy for his team that has resulted in 200% growth in the past two years alone, and the Ryan Brown Team has helped more than 360 families in 2020. The growth of the Ryan Brown Team at Cross Country Mortgage positioned the team to be the #1 lender in Palm Beach County in a short period of time, and will be one of the top lenders in the United States in years coming. With the goal of The Ryan Brown Team becoming the #1 branch in the nation within the next 3 years, Christopher is working to continue empowering people daily by helping them achieve the American Dream. To learn more about Christopher C. Molina and the Ryan Brown Team at Cross Country Mortgage, click here.

Erik Fisher:

Erik Fisher is a Sales Executive, Sales Trainer, Speaker, Author, Owner of Erik Fisher Official, LLC, and the CEO of the data driven B2B Sales Program, Intelligent Sales Secrets Academy. Throughout his 19 years as a professional salesman, 12 years have been dedicated to business-to-business (B2B) enterprise sales consulting, helping a larger IT services firm drive measurable outcomes for multiple Fortune 500 customers. His work has not gone unrecognized, as Erik has ranked in the top 1% of all salespeople for 8 consecutive years out of 1,400 peers. With over $80 million in sales in the past 12 years alone and the author of international bestselling book on Amazon “The Intelligence Factor”, Erik has established himself as one of the greatest in the industry. With time being his only limiting factor, the sky’s the roof for Erik’s professional career. Moving forward, Erik has great plans to further his success in the future. Focusing on bettering himself intellectually, he is dedicated to learning as much as he can through mentorships, coaching, and reading to benefit his company. He is also looking to fully launch his digital “B2B” Sales Program to the sales industry, which encompasses new ideas and approaches to sales. To learn more about Erik Fisher and Intelligent Sales Secrets Academy, click here.

Michael Haskins:

Michael E. Haskins is the owner and operator of TotalFit Lifestyle, located 30 minutes south of Atlanta in Stockbridge and McDonough, Georgia. Michael has been an extremely influential coach in the fitness industry for more than 30 years and he has built and sold over 10 fitness studios. He has also helped thousands of people transform their lives and continues to help them to live “the TotalFit Lifestyle”. On top of that, Michael also mentors other trainers to become better and more effective fitness coaches as well as build a bigger online presence in the industry. Surviving the pandemic both physically and professionally has been Michael’s greatest challenge thus far. Far from feeling fulfilled, Michael is looking to grow as an individual while helping personal trainers become 6 and 7 figure earners in 2021 through his personal trainers business academy. Michael’s goal is to help thousands more to become better and healthier versions of themselves. To learn more about Michael E. Haskins, Totalfit Lifestyle and The Personal Trainers Business Academy please click here.

Amanda Stein: 

Amanda Stein is a Digital Media Marketing Strategist and Founder of Ellis Stein Group, LLC, a full-service digital media marketing company in Portland, Oregon. The Ellis Stein Group, LLC offers strategy and media planning, social media platform management, digital advertising management, blogging, creative and specialty services, earned media services, and social media consulting. In addition to marketing local and nationally distributed brands in the retail and ecommerce space, Ellis Stein Group has consulted businesses, celebrities and influencers with custom organic and paid strategies built to accomplish a variety of branding and conversion objectives ranging from crisis and reputation management to multi-channel organic social media campaigns. Amanda Stein, in addition to earning The Portland Business Journal’s Top 40 Under 40, is a member of Forbes Agency Council from 2018-2020, and has been an active volunteer in her community. Throughout her career, Amanda has faced challenges that most growing businesses experience. Her most difficult, however, has been juggling the explosive growth she experienced in the first couple years of opening the business while raising four children with her husband, Scott. Utilizing her persistent attitude and work ethic, she found opportunity and growth in overcoming challenges that were thrown her way, and she is a better professional because of them. Moving forward, Amanda is looking to connect and grow with individuals who share the same grit and vision as she and her clients. To learn more about Amanda Stein and Ellis Stein Group, LLC, click here.

Mariah Williams: 

Mariah Williams is a pivotal Real Estate professional based in the heart of Los Angeles. Both the residential and luxury housing market are her areas of expertise. Her career began as an apprentice for a Commercial Broker, which developed into investing in Los Angeles herself. From the roots of these humble beginnings, Mariah has grown to represent both buyers and sellers in the SoCal market. Her contractual work has propagated over $13.5M in transactions since 2017 and this progression continues to thrive. At the nucleus of Los Angeles’ varied network, Mariah holds a solid stake in the top tiers of Entertainment, Professional Sports and the Tech industry. This Colorado native excelled in sport and academia which led to a full-ride athletic scholarship to the prestigious UCLA. While garnering a degree in Political Science, Mariah simultaneously led her Women’s Basketball program as the starting point guard and 4 year letter winner. Her brazen charisma has allowed her to be the face and voice commercially for brands and campaigns internationally. Mariah’s entrepreneurial spirit and interconnection caught the attention of Google where she now develops DEI Tech initiatives. As an avid connector, Mariah continuously upholds the dynamic professionalism needed in cultivating strong relationships. Her proven track record of excellence is the foundation to her work in real estate. Mariah is an advocate for her clients. Her world-class service attracts world-class clientele where confidentiality is key. Mariah is on the pulse of real estate in the City of Angels. With MDW Real Estate, clients can anticipate success in present and future investments. To learn more about Mariah Williams and MDW Real Estate, click here.

Eugene Marshall: 

Eugene Marshall is the Owner of Kreative Rents, LLC, a Real Estate Investor, Author, General Contractor and Podcaster in Chicago, Illinois. Within the past few years alone, Eugene has built a six figure business from the ground up, which has allowed him to help people and businesses reach their professional and personal goals. Identifying himself as a problem solver and solution oriented, Eugene uses his experience to help others create profitable business models centered around need based businesses. As he found financial stability in owning and managing several businesses, he promotes the benefits of just that through his business, helping others discover the freedom he has. By the age of 23, he owned his first multifamily home, as well as renovated and managed a $250,000 construction project. At the age of 25, Eugene wrote his first book titled, “The Power of An Idea: A beginners guide to turning your ideas into massive profits.” The ultimate goal of his career is to redevelop urban areas in Chicago where crime, poverty, and unemployment rates are high, and the education level is low. In the near future, Eugene is working to acquire his Real Estate Broker’s License so he can further his investments and help others along the way. To learn more about Eugene Marshall and Kreative Rents, LLC, click here.

Paul Ciurysek: 

Dr. Paul Ciurysek is the Co-Owner and Operator of The USMLE Preparation Company (The UPC), a medical board exam preparation company based out of Chicago, Illinois. The goal of The UPC is to prepare medical students to meet and exceed standards and expectations on their US medical licensing exams. In 2009, Dr. Paul graduated from medical school and started his own company, which he sold in 2019. Today, he is working to build The UPC into an industry leading exam preparation company. Each day brings new obstacles for Dr. Paul, whether it be new exam formats or new medical breakthroughs, Dr. Paul works day in and day out to make sure he can meet and exceed the needs of his students. Speaking with students on a daily basis helps Dr. Paul and his team develop new plans and strategies to ensure he is ahead of his competitors in the sector. His biggest challenge to date has been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuring that despite the lack of face-to-face interaction, his students would still receive the same level of preparation. Moving forward, Dr. Paul is working relentlessly to meet and exceed the needs of his students, as well as building the company’s online presence through their popular Instagram and YouTube channels. To learn more about Dr. Paul Ciurysek and The USMLE Preparation Company, click here.

Starvos Vouyiouklis:

Stavros Vouyiouklis M.D. is the Co-Founder of The USMLE Preparation Company, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois. After obtaining his Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry at Manhattan College and Doctor of Medicine, Medicine at St. James School of Medicine, he began to think that he could help others. His journey to becoming a physician in the United States required countless hours of studying, reading, and taking exams brought him to realize that there has to be a way to make the process less stressful. Through his endless passion and dedication to the field of study, Stavros has committed himself to mentoring and educating aspiring physicians and doctors through USMLE. Stavros, being the Co-Founder of The USMLE Preparation Company, Inc created a unique business in the tutoring and mentoring industry, which has helped him grow consistently since the opening. With the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, Stavros and his colleagues have been faced with a challenge like no other. With most of their mentorship being an in-person service, and one of the medical board exams being cancelled, Dr. Vouyiouklis was forced to create innovative ways to perform the services they provide.

Moving forward, he is looking to continue providing first-class, best in the industry service while maintaining ahead of his competitors, as well as providing the best guidance to his medical and physician students. To learn more about Stavros Vouyiouklis M.D. and The USMLE Preparation Company, Inc. click here.

Joseph Taglia: 

Joseph Taglia is the Business Development Manager of The Home Team at Freedom Mortgage, a mortgage company with offices in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida, Maryland, and North Carolina. Joseph is a business development specialist for his team, and is responsible for acquiring new clients and bringing Freedom Mortgage new business. During his time at Freedom Mortgage, Joseph has created new markets and business relationships among several states, all while creating wealth for the business and helping clients with their mortgage decisions. Joseph’s biggest obstacle thus far has been expanding in new areas to create and generate new contacts for the business. Growing their market and acquiring new loan officers and partners is a great challenge in new environments, but Joseph has been successful in finding new ways to do so. With his outside-the-box approach to leveraging new clients and growing the business, Joseph has become very successful in leading his team and creating more opportunities. Moving forward, Joseph is looking to continue to grow and evolve his team while opening new markets and creating more wealth for the business and those around him.

To learn more about Joseph Taglia and The Home Team at Freedom Mortgage, click here.

Jason Lee: 

Jason Lee Villarreal is a Real Estate agent at Martha Turner Sotheby’s International Realty in Houston, Texas. Jason has accomplished great success in just one year, all while building an extensive clientele and network in the Houston area. His combined skill set in real estate provides the most elite and unique client services, including invaluable market insights and unmatched deal closing abilities. Jason specializes in a wide array of real estate properties from luxury residential developments, new developments, condominiums, and farm and ranch properties. Using both a hands-on approach as well as a social media and digital approach, Jason offers innovative tactics to best serve their clients, reflected in his immense tenacity and passion for what he does. Utilizing his clients goals as the main driving force behind each transaction, Jason Lee provides a truly unique real estate experience for every client he does business with. It comes as no surprise that he has been instrumental for over $200 million in sales. In the upcoming years, Jason and Tim Grimes will be focusing on new tactics and methods to make the real estate process even more seamless for their clients, resulting in more closed transactions. To learn more about Jason Lee Villarreal of Martha Turner Sotheby’s International Realty, click here.

Michael Garry

Michael Garry is a Real Estate Professional at Hello Pad, a full service real estate company based out of Seattle, Washington. Guiding his work with the motto, “I can’t sell you unless I can serve you, and I can’t serve you unless I can sell you,” Michael separates himself and his business from all other real estate companies. As most companies use a forceful, “pushy” approach to selling real estate, michael believes in working closely with the client, no matter how long it takes, to buy or sell a property at the price they are satisfied with. Throughout his career, Garry has developed meaningful relationships with some of the best professionals in the industry, closed on more than $1.5 million in wholesale fees alone, as well as created a process for him and his team to be more efficient in the workplace and ultimately generate more income. Due to the current economic state of the United States, Michael believes that Hello Pad will become the one-stop-shop for anyone looking to buy, sell, or invest in real estate. Confident that no matter the economic state there will always be a good time to buy into real estate, Michael is looking forward to continuing educating investors and helping clients with their real estate decisions. Moving forward in his career and advancing Hello Pad, Michael will be aggressively building an acquisitions team to help him and his company source off-market properties. To learn more about Michael Garry and Hello Pad, click here.

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