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The New Investors: Nicanor Persano the Young Man Who Reached 6 Figures Income 


PRN, December 30, 2020: For many young people, defining their career path at the age of 19 is a complex process, because they are just beginning to know what they want to achieve in life. However, for others, the vision and opportunity to develop a business often leads them to achieve success at a young age. This is the case of Nicanor Persano.

Professional trader, investor, generator of up to 6 figures of income in dollars, director, and co-founder of his own trader training academy. These are some of the most appropriate ways to qualify this young visionary of 21 years who has managed to go against the current and doubts of a society that does not believe in the advances of technology and the Internet as a successful business opportunity.

He started at the age of 18, although from a very young age, this young man already had a clear vision of wanting to enter the world of finance. He was always attracted by investments. For this reason, his main proposal was that after completing his studies he would dedicate himself to this area.

The Objective is to Improve Every Day

Focused on success, Nicanor embarked on a journey full of challenges and processes. He encountered discouraging experiences that ranged from criticism and lack of support from people around him to misguiding the path he should follow. Nicanor faced each of these obstacles that were part of his journey. However, his main focus was to achieve success and he worked even when he was alone to do so.  

At only 19 years old, he would have reached an income of up to 50 thousand dollars a year, becoming a young promise for investments in the Argentine market, where he was born. Besides that, he was placed in the top 5 of traders nationwide. Achievements would not have been possible if he had stopped in front of the obstacles.

Sharing What You Know is Growing

With all his accomplishments at 21, you’d think this young man would consider retiring and living a quiet life enjoying his money. However, after earning an income of over 6 figures, Nicanor saw the trading business as an opportunity to share his knowledge and experience with others. And thus, offer them the possibility to achieve economic profitability innovatively and effectively.

From this thought was born Alpha Pro Academy, a space dedicated to the training of professional traders around the world. It has a community of more than 3,000 students in approximately 15 Spanish-speaking countries. More than 2,000 have received their certification and have been able to develop their skills in identifying the right markets and investing in the Internet with effective strategies.

However, Nicanor has been sharing his knowledge with others for many years. More than 10,000 people around the world have received training, advice, and counseling from this young trader who has exponentially achieved success.

For him, sharing his knowledge is synonymous with business growth and maturity. He wants everyone to know the many possibilities of success that can be found in this business because everyone has access to the same good information.

Although trading requires special strategies and skills, Nicanor assures that even the least experienced person in the area can develop what is necessary to multiply his investments through the internet.

Today he is recognized as one of the most outstanding new investors, his trading skills have gone viral and many people around the world are following him to adopt the strategies that have led him to financial success.

Let Results Speak for Themselves

Although in the beginning, it was not easy, Nicanor points out that letting the results speak for themselves is the best way to dispel the doubts and criticisms of people who doubted the feasibility of his project.

“The results spoke for themselves, and each student, seeing the great potential of the school, recommended it and promoted it in their networks,” he said.

Likewise, he assured that the best publicity is the testimony of people who found a way of success as professional traders and shared their experience. “Everything was adding up little by little so that we get the great recognition we have today”.

Currently, Nicanor’s mission is to progressively advance the development of professionals within Alpha Pro Academy. To this end, he works hard to promote and grow this space. He emphasizes that he plans to have more than 25,000 students in no more than 5 years, to whom he will return the confidence he has placed in the development of his project. 

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