Kangana Ranaut being in a controversy is nothing new at this point, with something or another always popping up. 

All this is very conveniently around the release of her movie, which baffles me how they think of it as some sort of marketing strategy. 

But this time we are not talking about Kangana, instead her sister Rangoli Chandel who has gotten into a Twitter feud first with Varun Dhawan and then with Anurag Kashyap and Taapsee Pannu. 

For some time now, Rangoli has been making waves online for getting into petty battles and stirring up controversy with strange demands and such. 

In the latest news, she first called out Varun Dhawan for not using Kangana’s name in his tweet congratulating the trailer for Judgemental Hai Kya (JKH) and then even calling Taapsee Pannu a ‘sasti copy’.

One thing that totally confuses me is why exactly Kangana’s sister unnecessarily creating all this drama and stirring up fights with her sister’s peers from the industry. 

Not only does it look extremely childdish but also makes Rangoli seem like an attention seeker who is just mindlessly defending Kangana even when there is no reason to do so. 

Here we have compiled the top 5 tweets from Kangana’s sister which just further cement the idea that she really needs to get a proper job and not waste so much time creating trouble online. 

#1. Taapsee Pannu and Anurag Kashyap

#2. Varun Dhawan


#3. Deepika Padukone

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#4. Alia Bhatt


#5. Other Random People

Some people have commented on Rangoli’s tweets and commented on how her statements make no sense. 

All in all, I believe that Ms. Rangoli really needs to spend her time in some other more productive work than just sitting on Twitter, acting like a Kangana Rakshak. 

Calling out people for very menial and petty things and creating such rifts could hurt Kangana herself as a professional. 

But then again, it seems that Kangana has no fear of that all, she seems to have problem with her sister creating such fights online. 

In fact, in a statement to entertainment site Spotboye, she said that,

“I read Rangoli’s tweets, she was lovingly teasing Varun as he never responded to her when she urged him to speak about Manikarnika, and Taapsee has been saying derogatory things about me- like needing a filter and being an extremist, which Rangoli is clearly upset about- this has nothing to do with her JHK (Judgemental Hai Kya) tweet. The way Anurag is protecting Taapsee, my sister is protecting me! What’s the matter, anybody has problems with her tweets, can unfollow her.”

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