By Yash Sharma

Momos reside within the heart of practically every Delhiite. It is almost a given that you would have had them at least once, even if you claim to only eat healthy food.

Being a Dilliwala myself, my heart starts to beat faster, and stomach growl as a street food vendor arrives in the vicinity!

While the ever delicious chole-bhature are still going strong (why wouldn’t it…), the trends have changed just a tad, with the momo fever gripping the city.

Whether you like them or not, there is no escape from momo vendors being present at literally every corner and turn.

Though majority like/love momos and the staple spicy red sauce, there are some people who don’t- much to the confusion of this die-hard momo lover, who has his heart set out for the steamed dumplings!

So, if you did not like them, or haven’t even tried them yet, you should go through this list, and who knows, perhaps this foodie adventure might make you like them:

Momo’s Point (Rs. 80/Plate)

Going with the vintage, the people there make the usual ones at their best and in a twist try to invent something new, with an Indian touch to every item.

(By Indian touch, we obviously mean spicy.)

Dilli Haat (Rs. 90/Plate)

There is literally no point discussing how famous Dilli Haat really is- it is a haven for foodies.

They have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options, and both are lip-smackingly good!

Giri Momos & Chinese Fast Food (Rs. 30/Plate)

There are two great things about it.

First, it’s ridiculously cheap (that matters a LOT for us DUites).

And second, they are TASTY.

Well, why wouldn’t they? Ever tried a mozzarella momo before? Well, they have it!

Need I say more?

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Janpath (Rs. 40/Plate)

Between your Palika shopping and navigating the long lanes of Connaught Place, you must get tired, right?

So, look for a momo point near Depaul’s, for a sizzling plate of momos in a variety of types.

AND, the sauce is EXTRA SPICY.


Wow! MOMO (Rs. 90/Plate)

Go to Wow! MOMO for the sheer variety if nothing else. They’ve got the regular vegetarian, chicken, paneer and prawn and some wacky options like corn cheese, fish, and mushroom. You can also choose from a variety of sauces or have your momo, au gratin (baked with cheese).

For a sweeter experience, they’ve also got chocolate momo!

The best thing about them is the variety, and nothing else.

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