Reading a good book has always been so peaceful. Selecting a good book demands knowing a good author. Here we have got Top 5 handpicked authors who are making it big in the Literary World. These Top 5 selected authors have set the competition to another higher level. Know more about them here. 

  • Kumar Kinshuk

Kumar Kinshuk has over twenty years’ experience as a management professional, having spent time in four different industries. He was a Gold Medallist in B.Sc. Physics Hons and the first recipient of the A. L. Saha Gold Medal from Ranchi University. He presently lives in the City of Joy, Kolkata, India with his better half Sony and two teenage kids Aryan and Aryahi.

About his book, “Two Indian Girls”

The story revolves around the mysterious suicide of Khushbu, who had married Ajit less than a month ago. As a part of the primary investigation, the prime suspects here are the husband and his family. But inspector Rajiv Kumar has some other perspective regarding this case and doesn’t let go of it easily without further investigation. He is involved with Khusbu’s bestfriend, Amrita who relentlessly asked him to perceive the case from a different angle.

Pick up this fast-paced book of relationships, marriage, and socio-political and economic change. Above all, dive into the depths of mystery and peel off the layers to see the villains of the piece.

  • Abhishek Mishra

Abhishek Mishra is an aspiring screenplay writer and a Published Author. He aims to create a new world through his stories and characters that remain immortal. He is always open to help and support people in every aspect.  

As a writer, he received accolades on several platforms for expressing his feeling through his words.  He has participated in 70+ anthologies and contributed with his unique and spine-chilling 68 short stories and 12 poems. He has also written multiple articles related to Project Management, but writing fictional stories and further synthesizing them to screenplay fascinates him a lot. 

He has published three books: 

1: The Book of Powerful and Exceptional Quotes: 

2: Stereotypical Leadership: 

3: Envisioning PMO & Project Management through a Juggler’s Eye

Instagram: author_abhishek


About his book, “Koffee With Krishna”

17th Jan 2018, 11:30 am Ankita got a phone call from Jogeshwari East Police station. Sr. Inspector Govind Gokhale informed her that her husband Sahil had been arrested under IPC Section 375 for committing Rape. The news broke Ankita completely. While searching for lawyers, Ankita found out that her daughter was suffering from a rarest bone marrow disease. So, to save her daughter, she needs to quickly get her husband out of Jail becuase according to the doctor, Ankita’s husband Sahil can only donate bone marrow and save their daughter. So what happened to Ankita? Did she commit suicide or Still fighting strong for her husband? Did she find a lawyer to prove her husband innocent? Can she able to save her daughter?

  • Dheerika Pandey

Dheerika Pandey knows her way around words pretty well.  Unlike most writers, she had started writing at the age of fourteen. She likes to experiment with different genres and styles of writing. Her new book, “Verses from Archives” is a beautiful collection of poems.  The poetry collection is as unique as her way of expressing.  The book not only soothes you but also refreshes your thoughts. It’s perfect for early mornings, lazy afternoons and sunset kinds of evenings. Relatable and easy to understand, is what’ll make you love the book. Verses from Archives covers the journey of embracing love in all its forms. Some poems might make you think about your perspective towards love while others will comfort you on lonely nights. The book is winning hearts and is a must-read for poetry lovers.

About her book, “Verses from archives”

Verses from archives’ is a collection of poems weaved in a thread of words. It talks about the experience of life, abuse, love, loss, and femininity. Each page you turn seems to serve a different purpose. Every poem deals with a different pain. And Every word heals a different heartache. ‘verses from archives’ takes readers through a journey of the most bitter moments in life and finds sweetness in them because there is sweetness everywhere if you are just willing to look.


 Mr. AKSHAY KUMAR S is an undergraduate student.  He is currently studying engineering course, pursuing in mechanical stream; second year in R V INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY AND MANAGEMENT. He has been a co-author and contributed to many anthologies and publications of books in a very short span of time(in less than one month), participated in many writing contests by submitting my technical articles which are very helpful for the present world like( 5G technology, solar windows, neuralink, deliverance of life saving oxygen, hydrogen fuel vehicles etc) also got consolation prize or a special mentions for the article from the jury panel in a particular writing competition. Participated in many poetry competitions , two to three national level poetry competitions one of which conducted by rated online contest organizer on GOOGLE) and many more, also received the certificates for the same.

Writings are submitted to the national level writing contests too. Received many appreciations from the organisers and compilers tha,t they have suggested my name and contact details to many of the others to rope in me for their works and contests. Secured top 3 positions in some competitions.

He is soon to be get notified and verified on google as founder and CEO of his own company.Out of 800 writings , his writings were selected in top 35.

You can contact or get connected with him on:-

  • Instagram:- (_akkiisays_)
  • twitter:-
  • LinkedIn:-

  • Email id:-

  • Gautam Prakash

Gautam Prakash is an aspiring author who has been in the writing world since his college days. What started as a small poem for his girlfriend soon grew into a passion that propelled his work to a bigger platform. From then on, his mind wandered in hypothetical situations, weaving webs of stories and poems. He published his first professional work two years back as an anthology co-authoring with many other experienced writers and worked his way to his debut novella by the name “Project-Z” which he released this march. His new release “Web of Tales” is also a well-spun short story compilation that makes you look at the world from a different perspective.

Email ID:

Instagram: @thecreativechap

Twitter: @creativechap67

About his book, “Project-Z”

What would we do if our planet is set to be doomed ten years from now and we found a way to travel to a different one? How would things go? Who all would go? What would be the price of the ticket? How would the government handle this? Would you be ready for a journey to the unknown?  Jocelynn is elected as the President of her country Oxin for the second time. She is determined to right the wrong that happened in her first term. However, she has bigger things to worry about since the discovery made by a crazy scientist on the doom of the planet. One bad news after another she embarks upon a journey that compels her to make difficult decisions while being sane.



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