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Top 4 Gadgets: 2014


Revolutions and Revelations; Theories and Inventions; Technology and well, societies, have synchronised in ways well-imagined; the same can be said for 2014 – The Year of The Gadget(s). From flying saucers to portable printing, 2014 had it all, but out of them only a few caught my eye. So without further ado let’s get down to the top 4 gadgets of the year 2014.



Hello Gorgeous! How you doin’? *wink* Well, doesn’t this beauty deserve all the flattery it can get? Yes, it does. Being sixth in the Nexus generation, the Motorola Google Nexus 6 has well and above lived up-to its name. Instilled with the new Android 5.0 Lollipop and absolutely no lag in its functioning, here are some features that will blow your mind away:

Display: 5.69 AMOLED Quad HD Screen (Hello my mini 40 inch LED-TV)

Processor: The Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 805 quad-core, 2.7GHz processor (multi-tasking faster than Road Runner!) and the Adreno 420 GPU give you brilliant graphics (Hey Gamers! Ready for the joy-ride?)

Resolution: 1440×2560 pixels (Apple 1 – Nexus 0)

RAM: 3 *extraordinary* GB

Storage: 32/64 GB (Well, I guess 16 GB is for amateurs *evil laughter*)

Rear Camera:  13 MP with optical image stabilisation
Dual LED ring flash
f/2.0 aperture
4K video capture at 30fps (Hello Pimples in HD!)

Front Camera: 2 MP (Standard Living)


Apart from these basic features, the Nexus 6 has:

1.’Front facing dual speakers’ for a better sound range (Hallelujah!).

2. A curved back body for a better grip (leaning mostly towards large-handed people; biased, I know)

3. Turbo Charger (Makes yours batter go *zoop zoop*)

4. A price that will make you bleed.

All in all, it’s worth the back breaking price range because trust me, a phone like that will get your panties in a knot!




Imagine how creepy it’d be when you wake up at 2 a.m. from your deep slumber and there’s flying-camera staring at you? Or if you wanted your notebook hidden under your drawer delivered to you in class to evade detention? Yes… drone-well, eh? And hey criminals, that’s what your future is gonna be like, so best hide underground in the realm of hades (‘cause these drones are going to make your life a living hell!).

Key Features:

  1. These mini-copters are piloted by man or by apps that give set directions to it, according to which they follow the path chalked out for them. For e.g.: In-case of the Delhi Police System, these Drones will patrol the streets, enabled with night-vision cameras, moving in circular motions along a pre-described path. #DelhiPolice&Swag
  2. There may be different types of drones, ranging from toys to professionals, but the most premium one yet is the Irirs+ whereas its competitor, Ghost, would be releasing somewhere in January. #FlyingInCircles
  3. Being water/weather resistant, these Drones can combat any hurdle and make a major breakthrough in security and other rescue features. #GettingTrapped #OnMountains #JustGotCooler
  4. These quad-copters also have the ’Follow-Me’ feature which allows it to follow its owner tracking the app-location on your smartphone (Smart-Drone, eh?) #LoyalDog #LoyalBoyfriend



All in all, this coming-of-age modern aero-copter is simply outstanding which feeds our inner-Sherlock that comes alive when mom loses her favourite bra! *Bad joke alert!*


The Play Station has been an integral part of gaming life ever since its release by Sony in the late 90’s. Over the years it’s just gotten wilder and whackier! The PS4 released in 2014 blew (at least mine) minds away with its superior graphical power (Xbox One? What’s that?) focusing purely to provide the best gaming interface possible, yet. Well, the only main description you need to know before purchasing one are these:



Graphics: In-built with a main single-chip custom processor with an AMD APU of x86-64 with 8 Jaguar cores and a GPU of 1.84 TFLOPS by AMD Radeon Graphics Core Next engine. #Bloodand GoreOnYourLap

Controller: The Sony Dual-Shock 4 wireless controller with built-in motion sensors, touch pad and integrated speakers allow the gamer to control his character with better precision for an advanced gameplay. #VibrateAndAttack

Games: The crème de la crème of all the top games are available for the PS4, most with a higher performance rate and resolution than for other consoles. #GamingGalore

Other attributes are the same as that of its predecessor with a 500GB internal memory expandable in choice, multiple USB ports, et al. Apart from these basic features it also comes with the Play Station App to help control your PS4 when away on a tour or getting picked at by your in-laws (hey, married men purchase it the most)!




What do you get when a Vintage Polaroid camera, an Android Software and an Ink-less Printing machine have a three-way sexy time? Well their love-child, the Polaroid Socialmatic Camera of course! That’s right, in another attempt to better this world of instant photographic-image generator and reduce the wastage of ink; Polaroid is coming out with this camera in December at very low prices.


  1. Brings out the retro-look mixed with the Instagram touch in your photos #PortableInstaClick
  2. Has a 14 Mega-Pixel back and a 2MP front camera. #Because13MP #WasTooMainstream
  3. A 4.5” touch screen #HelloSmartCamera
  4. Immediate printing of images, all ink-less using Zinc paper. #PrinterSwag
  5. Instant sharing enabled with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. #MyCameraCanTrackYourAssDown #Bitches

All in all, it’s smart, compact, portable and a very convenient buy priced only at 300$ that’ll allow you to capture those special moments and instantly produce their hard-copies (Oh joy!).



So these were my go-to gadgets this year which are a must use/have, though a little harsh on the pocket, but then again, what are EMIs for?! So we conclude 2014 with a great round of applause for producing these magnificent products and enter 2015 with much anticipation and excitement!




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