Watch: Tips For Safe Driving In Monsoon

Since Monday, incessant rains have taken over the skies. The Indian Metrological Department have predicted even more rain till the end of the week.

The heavy rains have, as usual, increased the reports of waterlogging, slow traffic, overflowing drainage and all the other issues which comes every year because of unpreparedness by the government.

With main streets often being closed for repair work, commuters have to take alternate routes towards their destination. People are left susceptible to a mishap happening on their route and the best that can be done is to be prepared.

Here are some tips for safe driving in monsoon:

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If you need assistance in Mumbai region contact one of these emergency numbers:

BMC Disaster Management: 1916, 22694725

Ambulance Service: 102, 23079643

Traffic Helpline WhatsApp Number: +91-8454999999

Helpline Numbers: 101 and 22620111, 23076111, 23086181, 23074923, 23076112, 23076113

Image Credits: Google Images

Sources: Times of India, Cobblestone, Team-BHP + more

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