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Tips And Strategies To Pass This Semester Without Studying : Exam Guide


Exam season is here and we’re all sweating and getting our panties in a bunch thinking how are we going to pass the semester. This is when we at ED decided to make things easier for you! You know you could ace your exams without even studying! (No, shit!)

EXAM SEASON is here!
EXAM SEASON is here!

Take my word for it. It’s completely possible. You just need to adopt a few strategies. The kind of strategies that separate quick learners. You could understand this strategy the best way by looking at its opposite. The one most of the people follow, rote memorization.

Rote memorization is essentially a technique where you look at a thing for a longer period of time and it’ll magically store it inside your brain. This is how most computers work. You give the information to a computer once and it’ll remember it forever.

But what happens when you add more of the same files to the computer? It’ll throw it into the garbage. Same things happens with our brains too during exams.

Hence, as quick learners you need to adopt a smarter strategy. Instead of rote memorization try to find connections. Create a whole story out of what you are learning, which makes recollecting things easy even if you happen to forget pieces of information. Our brains find it easy to memorize stories, metaphors, sounds, images, and textures.

So why not adopt a strategy that makes sense with the way our brains actually work?

Quick tips!
Quick tips!

People who learn different languages adopt the same strategy too. They just don’t understand things in one way. They make connections with all the other things they know. That makes them easy to learn more number of languages in lesser time.

For instance, if you want to memorize the phonetic scripts or the alphabets of a language, best way to learn is to look around yourself. Most of the letters that exist resemble the sounds and things you hear and see around. Get into the shoe of the person who had to come up with such a thing. He must have just looked around and had made sense out of things. Chinese and Thai is one such language.

If you want to memorize numbers, link it with the sound of its consonants. Once you have the consonant, you shove in the vowels and you will have  a word. Create a story out of those words. Once you have the story, your brain makes it easier for you to remember the sequence of it.

It all sounds great but how do we actually implement such ideas? True it takes a lot of practice to think of such connections and picture it. It’s not easy to become a polymath overnight. Practice is all you need.

Now, the best way to study during this time of the semester is through summary sheets. By adopting strategies mentioned above make summary sheets of topics enlisting important topics and just focus on them. Sheets because they are easy to carry to exam centres and have quick looks at.

And, tadaaa, you’re ready to score decent this semester!

Did this help? Let us know in the comments below!

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