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Time Travel- An Expectable Phenomenon…


All those inspirational feelings that we get, the moment we walk out of the theater after watching a science-fiction (Time travel) movie is all plausible in the very near future. It is due to increased fictional based reality science development. A better way to say is that these movies certainly portray an enlarged or expected possible outcomes, of that concept based researches happening in the current frame of time.


Time line has a lot of flaws and yet certain theories have been proposed to definitely limit the characteristics of it.  Time travel as we speak has been proved possible by quite acclaimed personalities like Einstein and Hawking who have studied this phenomenon more than any human existing.

Now if you are intrigued by such kind of talks you must either yourself be a scientist or a sci-fi freak (Nerd). If terminologies like warp speed, chaos theory, Serendipity gives you a rush then you’re reading the right piece of writing. Imagine a world with time travel. It would solve anything imaginable let alone humanitarian complications.

In spite of all derived conclusions it all sums up to only two ways of perceiving it.

Either keep imagining the extremities of how it is shown in celluloid or get down to practicality and understand the surreal possibilities. For instance in fiction- time-travel is possible to any part of the timeline. It is recognized as a straight line phenomenon. Where as in reality, time line doesn’t function that way. Travel to the past in reality creates a paradox, but to the future by using elements to slow down time is very much possible. Just that such advancement in technology is yet to develop.

Time-travel term cheat sheet-

“The Butterfly effect” or “Chaos theory” is a proven factor which in simple words can be stated as “Small ignorant changes (incidents) in the present can very much lead to a complete alternate reality.” A trilogy named The butterfly effect was made to depict this phenomenon in silver screen.


“Warp speed” is another terminology where in an instrument called warp drive is installed in huge space ships which gives it the ability to travel at speeds faster than light. Majorly used to reach different galaxies in short span of time. Expected invention period is nothing before the 25th century. This device is shown and has achieved its fame from the very much celebrated “Star Trek” franchise.


Worm hole is like a portal which is mostly shown in various sci-fi movies. It has the ability to slow down time and to squeeze between time and space to facilitate high speed teleportation from one point to another. An upcoming block buster by Christopher Nolan called “Interstellar” will depict this phenomenon.


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