Thursday, December 7, 2023



By Chirali Sharma


Polyvore. It is a community powered social commerce website. Members of this site, use a shared product index to create image collages called “sets”. This is the wikipedia definition.

But in actuality, it is so much more than that. Its not just about clothes and makeup or etc. But, its about having a platform to show your creativity, to show your own style of fashion and in a way your personality. You can create anything and when I say anything, I do literally mean anything. There are no limits or rules or conditions to it. What ever comes to your mind, let it flow, let it come to life with the help of the items that are available  in its index.

Originally, it was developed as a prototype in 2006, and later on in 2007 Polyvore Inc. was formed. In 2008 Polyvore reached one million unique visitors. As of 2012, Polyvore has over 17 million unique visitors. It’s a very prosperous website and it’s a way for so many to explore their sense of style and fashion.

I joined Polyvore around last year, but its only recently I have become hooked on to this website. I would be the first to admit, that I’m not the most fashion conscious or stylish person, I am a regular jeans and t-shirt type of girl. But I have to admit, that creating sets, putting together different clothes, accessories, shoes in set and put them together so that each goes with the other. Its not just about fashion, but it lets you explore your creative side, it lets you use your imagination, whichever way you like and put it all together in not only the form of clothes, but also interior decorating. If you have a knack for home decoration then you can do that too.

You can put forward your sense of style, and not only that, but also venture out of your comfort zone and try out different styles. You can also recreate fashion looks of your favourite characters from books and movies, or favorite celebrities or even use your own imagination and give them a new style, a new personality, change them up a bit. If you are not impressed by someone’s style, give them a new one. Go crazy. Just let your creative juices flow.

Its not as simple or frivolous as some people might think. It takes time, and imagination to put together a set. You have thousands of items available and to figure out which goes with which takes time and creativity. You have to imagine it first, in your head and then bring it to life on your computer screen.

There is something for everyone at this site, and its not only women who are frequent visitors to this site, even men are a part of it.

This site, is great for upcoming fashion designers and stylists or people looking to work in fashion, but its not only limited to them, even normal, no- fashion sense people(like me) can be a part of it and enjoy letting our imagination flow.

So give it a go and visit this amazing website –


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