Skin Trade In India
These women have been subjected to inhuman exploits in the skin trade industry

India is truly a land of wonders and it always amazes me that how some sections of the society, in order to exploit its poor, can stoop to levels as low as skinning destitute women alive to feed the growing illegal business of skin trade in India.

Grossed out? Even I am.

I never imagined that something as gory as this could ever take place until I stumbled upon a report published by Thomas Reuters Foundation which stated that:

“Poor Nepalese women are being trafficked and duped into selling their skin to be used in various plastic surgeries including breast and penis enlargement surgeries in the growing aesthetics industry.”

Nepal is quite popular for impoverished men and women (especially young women and children) who illegally enter India with the help of “agents” who promise them of decent jobs and growth opportunities.

But, all that is promised is not always true.

These poor men (and women) are instead forced to illegally sell their organs and women are trafficked into various brothels across India.

What has recently come out is that it was never only about “sex” and prostitution. It is way more than that.

After some research, I find out some horrifying details about the existing skin trade in India and Nepal which is sure to make you shiver.

How Skin Trade In India Came To Light?

It all started with an investigation carried out by an Indian journalist Soma Basu of “Youth Ki Awaz” who helped dig out the worst attack on humanity that poor Nepalese women are facing. You can read about it here.

Skin Trade In India
Brothels are the “skin” farms of India

She went to Nepal to find out whether skin trade in India and Nepal exists and what she actually found out was scary by all means.

When a poor Nepalese woman fled from a brothel in Mumbai back to her native village in Nepal, nothing mattered to her more than the fact that she was now free from all the atrocities she had been facing.

Not even the huge scar on her back up until the point she met another woman there who had the same scar on her back. Curiosity getting the best of her, she asked the woman about how she got the scar.

That was the moment when she realized she was a part of a big scam.

Her scar was not the result of some client’s sexual fetishes but the proof of her skin being “stolen” to make rich men and women beautiful!

Does exploitation due to inequality and poverty has no end?

After further investigation, the whole racket came into view.

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How Does The Skin Trade In India And Nepal Work?

Young girls from poor Nepalese villages are lured by “skin traders” in large numbers, in hopes of a better life. They are then illegally trafficked across the Indo-Nepal border (not through the check posts, mind you) and moved to various brothels in Delhi, Mumbai, and Kolkata.

There these young women are given a specific price depending on their skin color, age, and virginity. A 100-square inch of fair skin can sell for up to Rs. 1 lakh in Mumbai!

Skin Trade In India
This woman has moved to India to find her teenage daughter who was trafficked by one of the “agents” to Mumbai.

Other women voluntarily sell a part of their skin for as low as Rs. 10,000 so that they have something to eat. But then this money also exhausts in a few days.

Penury really forces people to take extreme measures in order to make ends meet and we still crib because we can’t buy the latest iPhone launched in the market!

The Process of Skinning Women Alive

The most astounding fact about this skin trade in India is that skin tissues are often extracted from these poor women’s bodies without them being aware of it!

Women in the brothels are sedated with the excuse that the client wants to try out adventurous sexual fetishes with her and the skin tissue is torn apart from their backs and limbs with them unconscious and tied to the beds.

Not to mention that they are now scarred for life (literally).

And all this happens after these women sign documents as proof that they are willingly donating their skin.

Skin Trade In India
The scar that remains after skin has been torn off the body!

What Happens To Them After Being Skinned Alive?

The women, after skin grafted is done on them, often misunderstand these scars to be the result of their client’s sexual favors. What they do not know is that they have just been stripped off their basic human rights.

After visible disfigurement, their value decreases in the flesh market and they have to entertain clients for as low as Rs. 300-500 per sitting when their beautiful colleagues earn as much as Rs. 5000 per sitting.

And if they dare ask their clients to use condoms, this meager amount is also denied to them.

Skin Trade In India
The untold story of these poor women forced into prostitution after been skinned alive

Is there any limit to the kind of exploitation that these women face in our so-called Sanskaari society?

What about Atithi Devon Bhava?”

Does this saying holds meaning only for the rich tourists who grace our land? If that is the case, I’m sorry to say it has never been shallower than this.

Although the Nepalese government has promised to look strictly into the matter, the solution is far away at this moment.

And as the day passes by, inhuman tortures on these poor women in Nepal as well as in India still continue just to allow rich people have the luxury of flaunting fake breasts and penises and what not!

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