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This Summer, Try The Taste Of The Beach At Tabula Beach


Cool waves, sandy feet, moist ambience…what could be more scintillating than spending an evening at Tabula Beach 2.0 tasting delectable food and drinks?

How it all started?

The phone rings, as soon as I am about to leave office after a tiring day at work. The ringing phone makes me happy… It’s a friend with whom I share my soul almost. After the phone call I am more than excited to meet him and sit and chat. He has invited me to this place Tabula Beach about which I have heard of but never been to.


Part 2.0- The visit

I reach the amazing Siri Fort stadium with a large appetite and a fresh mind. Looking for some soul food and a breeze filled evening, I am welcomed with by an amazing crew of Tabula Beach leading to the most beautifully decorated beachy table with the standard decor and a candle lit.

I hurriedly hug my friend and am welcomed with the food that I was looking for- Prawn Karwari mixed with spices of the right kind and tossed in some garlic and fresh herbs. I also toss in some Wild Roasted Mushrooms in a bed of creamy spinach. Trust me spinach never tasted so good other than my mom feeding it to me swearing on Popeye.

And finally to gulp it down the most refreshing drink ever tasted called the ‘Paan ki dukaan’ muddled with betel leaves, the rose jam- Gulkand, cardamom and some hard spirit to make it all exciting.


What’s next?

We decide to order something more tropical…. Thinking hard to decide from the elaborate menu we end up ordering for something special called the Butter Garlic Calamari and a glass of the evergreen ‘Apple Basil Martini’ with a spicy twist.

The starters get replaced by an amazing range of main course varying from the perfect grilled Red Snapper with Thai Herbs and Couscous in a bed of sauteed veggies. And I don’t leave the veggies cuz my mother said so!

A drink known as Dusk to Dawn which is actually presented in the same way… Topping it up with pineapple juice, orange juice muddled with red berries and a good amount of dark bourbon to satisfy the gourmet critic in me.

Everything was more than perfect but there’s one dish which won my heart ‘Prawnography’. It’s a blend of the taste of perfectly cooked jumbo prawn, melted butter, garlic and a rich creamy taste.

This is why I decided my continuation of the article will lead us to the climax. We eat to our hearts content along with conversations that start from gossips to the world being a bittersweet romantic play.


How do we get the climax?

Climaxes are all about sweetness… And how could we call it an amazing night without desserts for sweet tooth like us. Warm gooey chocolate cake is my choice and he settles for his all-time favourite red velvet cheesecake. We decide we should never leave this place anytime soon this summers. But time permits us to call it a night and we with excited taste buds and a heavy heart leave for our respective places with the delectable taste embedded in our soul.

ED would love everyone to try out the taste of the beach this summer and let us know their own unique experience.

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