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“This is your moment to create your online empire & it just doesn’t stop on your Instagram Account” – Kriti Nayar


Kriti Nayar is an influencer, content creator, online educator & social media coach teaching influencers & personal brands how to build an influential & profitable business on social media with purpose-driven content & attraction marketing strategies!

An established influencer and content creator for more than 3 years from New Delhi, India – her digital channels focus on lifestyle, travel, social media, and influencer tips with a pinch of her entrepreneurial journey!

She firmly believes that influencers are here to serve & provide valuable content to their community & are often drifted from their purpose in the race to get more likes & followers. The number of likes received doesn’t necessarily show the true quality of a post or an influencers’ relationship with their audience.

Social media is all about being social & fostering genuine relationships with your community.

The importance of working on your personal growth everyday is her biggest non-negotiable & she strongly believes that your mindset can make or break your career on Social Media!

From being multi-passionate & working as an Influencer for 3 years to never looking back to a corporate 9-5, Kriti Nayar has worked with few of the top lifestyle brands in the country such as Amazon, Garnier, Koovs, Pears, L’Oréal, Foreo, Paytm, Panasonic, Maybelline, JBL, Honor & and is now on a mission to help others do the same!

She is now set off filling that white space by creating resources & programs to help other women do what she did – in less time and with less mistakes.

Kriti is super driven to help aspiring creators & influencers get the A-Z blueprint of turning their passion to profits, get paid on social media & go from a side-hustler to a full-time influencer.

Her upcoming program for 2021 – The Bossfluencer Academy is going to teach you just the same!

The Bossfluencer Academy will not only teach you how to be successful on Instagram but also transform your life, help you work with dream brands to get paid, create your freedom lifestyle & build an influential & profitable business.

It’s the era of becoming an intentional influencer with diversified streams of income & not just being an influencer/creator but rather having a real creator business!

Apart from empowering digital entrepreneurs such as creators & personal brands, Kriti also offers Social Media Management services to small businesses who’re ready to stay on top of the game & create impact by using social media as a vehicle!

Build your thriving, profitable & influential business on Social Media!

Connect with Kriti –
Creator Account  – https://www.instagram.com/kritiinayar/
Business Account – https://www.instagram.com/kritinayar.co/


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