The amount of stress, depression, anxiety, obesity that the people of this world are dealing with nowadays is not something shocking but it sure is troublesome and something to be taken care of.

And Sarvesh Shashi has done exactly that. At the age of 27, this young entrepreneur has raised the level of fitness and fun by way of interactive yoga and mindfulness.

This unique idea of his, impressed and moved various celebrities leading them to back up his plan and fund his innovation.

Contribution from celebs like superstar Jennifer Lopez, baseball legend Alex Rodriguez, fitness brand Zumba and actor Malaika Arora, has helped to raise the funding to $6-8 million.

His fitness studio SARVA, which means “all” was first set up in 2016 in Mumbai and has now expanded to Delhi, Bangalore etc. Its rapidly rising popularity only gives good indication to open of other SARVA studios across the country.


Since he was 6-year-old kid, Shashi has been practising yoga but he found his motivation for SARVA at the age of 17 when he practised yoga under his guru and mentor Vijayendra.

As a college dropout, he sought to the guidance and power of yoga which helped him reach a mental peace and calm that transcended over everything and he decided that more and more should experience this.

“Yoga had changed my life and I wanted to bring this to 500 million people in India under the age of 30, where stress, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and obesity is becoming an epidemic.”

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SARVA is everything but basic and common. Unlike another fitness centre, Shashi’s aim was to create an environment where all age groups of people could practise yoga without making it a mundane routine.

His emphasis is especially to make it fun and lively for people.

“We started different forms of yoga, mindfulness techniques, added a lot of colour to the workout, with dance, music etc.”

At SARVA, no same set of yoga is practised every day and it offers 25 types of comprehensive and unique yoga that helps to keep things fun and exciting.

From kids to old people, from young enthusiasts to workaholics everyone at SARVA experience not just physical wellness but also mental, emotional and spiritual wellness in a wholesome manner.


With all the support from celebrities and outstanding responses, Shashi plans to open up almost 500 plus physical studios and reach out to as many people as possible.

By 2022, the expansion will reach to around 15 cities in India, with a steady expansion rate and active participation. They also plan to expand in a foreign market by setting the studio in USA and UK.

The SARVA team is planning to digitalise the idea and become more accessible to people across the globe. The plan to expand in the digital market is set to kick off in September.

His life is an inspiration and his enthusiasm to cultivate our innate culture of practising yoga to a new level is commendable. Giving mental health equal importance and helping people to improve it is a very much needed action.

I am looking forward to explore one studio this summer, what about you?

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