The problem of E-waste isn’t new. India is the third-largest producer of E-waste in the entire world and we shouldn’t take this issue lightly. If we look at the latest report by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), in 2021, India might produce 5 million tonnes of e-waste by the end of this year. 

However, we have two young entrepreneurs who are refurbishing e-waste and producing amazing electronic products through their startup, ThinkDrip. According to me, this is a great step to save the environment. 

But before delving right into what the startup is about, let’s know a bit about the e-waste problem of India. 

Why Is E-Waste An Issue? 

As per International Telecommunication Union, e-waste can be defined asall items of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) and its parts that have been discarded by its owner as waste without the intent of re-use.” 

In FY 2019 to 2020, India generated 1,014,961.2 tonnes of e-waste. Surprisingly, 95% of this e-waste is generated by informal sectors of our country.

This e-waste contains dangerous materials such as mercury, lead, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polybrominated biphenyls etc. which are hazardous to our environment. 

The problem of E-waste in India is a growing concern

In case, the e-waste isn’t treated and dumped just like that, it will pose several environmental issues. Thus, it is imperative that we take care of it and recycle it as much as we can! 

About The Startup

ThinkDrip was initiated by two young students- Saanch Madaan and Shrey Kakkar. Through their startup, they refurbish e-waste and produce electronic products like earphones, Bluetooth speakers, keyboards etc. 

Logo of ThinkDrip startup

They also collaborated with Shiprocket for packaging and delivering products around various places in the country. They wish to promote the idea of using refurbished and second-hand products for people in India to avoid using second-hand or refurbished products. 

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Co-founders told Your Story, “We are working to minimise the use of excessive packaging materials, especially plastics, which can contribute to the increasing pollution levels.” 

How They Got The Idea?

It began when Shrey’s mother had ordered headphones but returned them because the colour of the product wasn’t the same as what she had ordered. Shrey kept thinking that the headphones will go in waste and in turn pollute the environment. 

When he spoke about this to Saanch, she too agreed with him. “We both felt the same way about e-waste. Curiosity beckoned research and we found that a lot of brands have this problem. Products are returned for a minor reason and then they end up in a warehouse only to become waste,” said the co-founders. 

ThinkDrip is helping India in reducing the problem of e-waste

Hence, to safeguard the environment, the duo started ThinkDrip. “Our goal is to contribute to a healthier, safer and cleaner world. We aim to accomplish this by selling refurbished products that are in perfect working order at a significant price advantage,” said the duo.

They sell all of their products at affordable prices and help people to safeguard the environment. 

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Sources: Down To Earth, Your Story, ThinkDrip

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