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This Electronic Air Purifying Mask Solves 3 Issues


As COVID-19 continues to spread in the U.S., people have been searching for masks that are comfortable, effective and easy to breathe in. So far, there has not been one that accomplishes all three. We’ve seen masks that are cheap. Masks that are reusable and easy to sterilize. And even masks that let you drink. LG announced their Mask with HEPA Filters that has yet to be given a price or release date.However, a California company has a Smart Mask using the same technology and a turbine fan that is available now.

This new mask solves one of the biggest problems in any mask, your ability to breathe freely. Using 4 filters that are changeable and easy to clean with the UVC light they provide, Dr Sanitize seems to have an amazing solution. This Wearable Air Purifier, it’s literally a tiny, battery-powered HEPA filter that fits on your face.

Because your stock N95 mask from 3M is just a molded piece of polymer, it relies on the power of your lungs to suck air in and out through its filter like you’re a vacuum cleaner. That means it’s tiring to wear one for long, as your lungs work harder to breathe. And it’s also hot. Even cotton masks, which offer lower levels of protection, can still be stuffy to wear. 

The Smart Mask, on the other hand, has “effortless” breathing, while still protecting you from airborne virus particles. How does the mask work?

Onboard sensors track the cadence and volume of your breath. These sensors control two fans, which speed up to suck air in through its small HEPA filters as you inhale, and slow down to get out of the way as you exhale. With its rechargeable built-in battery, the mask can operate for up to eight hours of low-level breathing assistance or two hours of higher-level breathing assistance. It’s hard to know if the mask will still feel hot and just how much breathing assistance the low-level fan speed offers will be key to comfort. It’s ideal for fitness and working out as well, as the airflow is consistent enough to keep up with breathing under strenuous physical activity.

For when you’re done wearing the mask, the UV-sterilizing device included attaches to iPhones or Android phones and is used to clean all parts of the mask with a 99.99% Effectiveness. As the filters will eventually need to be replaced, they provide subscription plans for around $10 a month. Can HEPA filters work against COVID-19? The short answer is yes, and in terms of sheer filtering capacity, they are believed to be even better than an N95. In fact, HEPA filters are used in some hospital-grade PPE, known as PAPRs (Powered Air Purifying Respirators). 

Of course, while the idea looks perfect on paper, a lot will come down to the exact ergonomic details of the design. How snugly does the mask fit most faces—does it really have the airtight seal of an N95? How much do those fans help—enough that breathing is truly effortless? And furthermore—how much does this thing weigh? It’s actually around the weight of an egg, amazingly enough. It’s secured and snug using a 2 part strap that loops around your ears—rather than distributing weight around the back for your head. Orders Yours a

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