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This Christmas, Stay Safe, Go Digital


The holidays are going to feel a bit different this year, and is leading the gifting trend when it comes to staying safe and still giving and receiving all the gifts you and your family want for the holidays.

Given current social distancing guidelines, most of us won’t be joining the crowds at the mall between now and Christmas. There is some good news in there: no circling the parking lot searching for a car that’s just about to pull out, no waiting in a long, slow line to pay, and no mall food you’ll later wish you hadn’t eaten. 

But how to holiday shop in the time of Corona? And equally important, how to holiday “ask”—as in, how do you gracefully let family and friends know what you’d like for Christmas or Hanukkah? How can you be assured that something like 100% of the gifts you receive this year will be just what you’d hoped for?

Thousands Start Early to Create Holiday Wish Lists

Luckily, there’s a tried-and-true system that will work beautifully for just this scenario. 

As people continue to stay close to home, many folks are planning ahead and creating online Holiday Wish Lists now. In fact,, the largest Universal Gift Registry platform, has already seen tens of thousands of customers create digital Christmas Wish Lists. It’s the ultimate in no-contact, high-impact holiday gifting—and truly a win-win for everyone involved.

“Christmas Wish Lists have been growing exponentially each year,” says MyRegistry president Nancy Lee, “but this year we started seeing an unparalleled surge of holiday activity starting in the beginning of October.” 

An online Wish List makes it easy for anyone, of any age, to specify what they’d like to receive. Just think, no more time spent pondering the perfect holiday gift for your cousin’s picky teenager or your own hard-to-please boss.

If you have kids, a Holiday Wish List lets you answer all those questions from family members asking what to give them. Plus, kids know exactly what they want for Christmas, so what’s more fun for them than getting to make their own Wish List? You can even make it a family activity by creating separate lists for everyone.

Or maybe your significant other is not the best at picking out gifts. A catalog left out on the coffee table might seem to you like an obvious hint, but how well has that worked in the past? A pre-approved (by you) Wish List just makes it simpler for both of you by completely taking the guesswork out of gifting.

Plus, giving people only what they really want is a great way to cut down on holiday waste, not to mention eliminating the hassle of post-holiday gift returns.

And MyRegistry’s “universal” feature means users can add items from any store in the world—big-box to small mom-and-pop to online-only—with everything appearing together on one shareable, shoppable list. 

Some might feel it’s not quite appropriate to ask for things, or maybe they think it’s not in the spirit of the season. But according to Lee, it’s very much in the holiday spirit of giving and, more important, connecting with loved ones—something that will be more important than ever this year.

So How Does It Work? 

We all know about wedding registries and baby registries: You’re directed to an online list of everything the bride and groom have registered for, you find a gift in your price range, and you complete the purchase with a few clicks, knowing the gift is what they want because they chose it themselves. 

A Holiday Wish List is just like that. Wish Lists can be opened up at many stores, especially as more retailers realize the benefit to their customers, and to their business. Or, you can create a Universal Holiday Wish List through a platform like MyRegistry, where you can gather items from any store in the world onto one list and share it with a single link. 

With MyRegistry, the technology is already in place, connected to all your favorite stores and shopping sites. 

A browser extension button lets users browse online and add items they like to their Wish List with a click. And the MyRegistry app will turn a smartphone into a barcode scanner that can be used in-store to add items to a gift list.

“MyRegistry has revolutionized the way people create gift lists for all kinds of occasions,” says Lee. “Our site is the ideal destination for Wish Lists of any kind, and with Hanukkah and Christmas right around the corner, our users are encouraged to share their Holiday Wish Lists with friends and family so they get what they really want for the holidays.”

Given the challenges happening in the world right now, a Holiday Wish List is one way to make the most wonderful time of the year a little more wonderful this year. 

Think of it as writing a digital letter to Santa, one you can “hand deliver” to him yourself.

Want to Have a Toy Drive but Don’t Know How to Make it Happen This Year?

MyRegistry also makes it easy for nonprofits and other organizations to run their annual holiday toy drives or seasonal fundraising efforts entirely online and, more important, safely for everyone involved. People who want to give holiday toys or offer financial support can easily peruse a gift list from the comfort of home, click a few buttons, and give to a cause dear to them. MyRegistry’s technology is capable of powering even the biggest gift lists. Learn more about holiday giving with MyRegistry

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