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Things we wanted to be as kids: Flashback


If I said that childhood was the best time of our lives and got any opposition over this, I’d honestly be very surprised. While we might not remember every detail of our childhood, especially the earliest years, we know they were awesome. Probably because there were no worries, no tough exams, no career troubles, and anything we did was being childish and not misbehavior.

It’s almost as if the colors were brighter, the chocolates were sweeter and the music was better. (Well, without some of the artists we have today, the music actually was better.)  As children we all wanted to be a lot of things. The world was in the palm of our hands. As we grew older, we realized that some things aren’t as easy to achieve as we thought they were and following any dream comes at a price. Sometimes I still dream of becoming some of those things, despite the improbability.

Here’s a throwback to all those things we wanted to become at some point of time in our lives:

  1. Pilot

    Airplanes are without doubt the most fascinating thing for any child. The dream of one day being able to fly this machine over the ocean is one that we all saw. Admittedly, the fascination probably stemmed from our parents telling us how our food was actually a plane. Unfortunately for them, as we got older, we grew addicted to just the food and forgot about the controlling-an-airplane part.

  2. Doctor


    I’m sure that every kid, during some point of their lives was gifted a doctor set on their birthday. The fake stethoscope and thermometer gave us a feeling of unmatchable joy. Wouldn’t it be amazing to cure diseases and help people? Well, as we grew up, we realized that it takes about a decade of higher education to become a qualified doctor and we decided to let someone else handle world disease instead.

  3. Teacher

    School days were the best when we were kids. There was hardly any studying. There was giggling at stupid jokes. And if you’re Indian, there was obviously Kho-Kho. Our teachers were one of the most important parts of our lives. They were inspirational. To be them, is what we wanted. And then we became teenagers who teachers hated. *Poof* went the dream.

  4. ACP Pradhyuman

    In the early 2000s, CID was all the rage. It was a favorite of all children, and was probably the only thriller (allegedly) show we enjoyed. Of course, as time passed we realized how screwed up the logic was, how clichéd the dialogues were and how annoying ACP Pradhyuman really was. Praise goes to our parents for sitting through us, through those horrid episodes.

  5. Superman

    Well, it would be unfair to say that I WANTED to be superman. That’s because I still want to. How cool would it be to be a flying alien who saves the world, and has an amazing, beautiful girlfriend? It breaks my heart that Superman is fictional. But… What if he isn’t? What if he’s real and the Illuminati is just hiding him from the world? Hmm; food for thought.

  6. Rich

    Even as kids, we knew that money is what we wanted. Studies show that one in five kids said that they want to be ‘rich’ when they grow up, instead of naming any profession. As a kid, being rich might have meant being able to buy all the chocolate in world, but that is no excuse for undermining the smartness of such kids. Hopefully, they’ll get rich like Warren Buffett and not Ramalinga Raju.


We might be too old to become some of these things and might have lost interest in some others. But we can all agree that our dreams were some of the best parts of our childhood. And to those people who actually managed to become what they always dreamt of: Good going guys. *inserts happy emoticon*



Picture Credits- Google images
By Lakshaya Soin



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