As the turn of the year rolls in, applications take the best of the year and put it in small memorabilia across the application.

The year 2021 will be defined as the year we evolved as species. Those who adapted, thrived; those who did not, perished. This year, we felt at home with online classes and work from home situations.

2021 year in review
Time for us to look back…

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This begs the question, how would “Year In Review” for 2021 look like? On not one, but several apps that we use. 

  1. Year in Review on Facebook is a personalized card that the friends, feeling, people, and places that mattered most to them in 2021 along with the numbers across the year for the same
  2. Instagram allows users to share a customized end-of-year “Playback” time capsule to their Instagram story, which would be a culmination of the best stories and memories that one has had.
  3. Spotify is back with Spotify Wrapped in 2021, with the number of minutes played, favourite artists and genres, and of course, the new artists discovered in the year. 
  4. If you are a YouTube Music Fan, there is a Wrapped for you as well, but it is called Recap and it has your go-to artists for the year.
  5. If you are very rich and prefer Apple Music, there is also a Wrapped for you, but again, it is called 2021 Replay and is in the form of a card with a playlist of your most-listened-to songs of the year.
  6. Zomato gave users medals and shoutouts for their usage of Zomato, where I personally got to the position of COO, Chief Ordering Officer because I used it in 7 different addresses. Zomato was not done yet, as they came back with Meme Rewind 2021, which had the most epic memes that included information about how biryani was ordered twice every second on Zomato, how their largest order was worth INR 33,000 and much more.
  7. Reddit’s Year In Review revealed the huge fiasco at the GameStop Corp, which was saved by the people. Besides the best posts of the year, they also reveal which subreddits you have been a part of the most and how many bananas would fit, end to end for the amount of scrolling you did on the phone.
  8. Snapchat has “A Look Back at 2021” to see some of the snaps you shared during the year. Although the selection of the pictures there is somewhat randomized, so were the memories in 2021. 

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