Airlines are often in the news for some mishap or another, with some due to crew mismanagement and misbehaviour. Of course, many of the time it is the passengers that are causing the ruckus, however, that doesn’t mean it is always them.

There is also certain stereotypes associated with the ground staff of airlines, such as them being rude and not behaving correctly with passengers, especially those who are travelling economy or on the more budget seats.

It seems that Indian swimmer Srihari Nataraj had a similar experience when he was returning from the National Games held in Gujarat and travelling from the Indian airline of Indigo Airlines.

What Has Srihari Nataraj Said?

For the unknown Srihari Nataraj is a swimmer and has represented the country for the Tokyo Summer Olympics of 2021 and the 2022 Commonwealth Games, which were held in Birmingham, England.

He qualified for the Olympics after getting the ‘A’ standard for the men’s 100m backstroke time trial at a Rome event and recently at the National Games, held in Gujarat, he won 6 gold medals across various categories while representing Karnataka.

But it seems all those achievements could not really help him, since as per a tweet that he posted on Monday, 10th October 2022, apparently he was mistreated by the staff of Indigo Airlines that he was using to return home.

In his tweet, he wrote, “I was returning from the National Games held in Gujarat, and the staff not only behaved badly, but also charged us a hefty amount for excess baggage which was the medals and goodies that we athletes had won.”

Further added that “Honestly, the amount wasn’t an issue, it’s the way they treated me and my teammates. Should we leave the medals we win back at the venue? @IndiGo6E.”

Obviously, a lot of people came out in support of Nataraj and how this seems to be commonly said for IndiGo airlines.

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But along with that, there were also some asking for the full story and not fully blaming the airlines without having all the facts. Some asked about how much the excess baggage was or how many medals were there that it increased the overall weight of the baggage so much.


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