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The Way Our Parents Lived Was Much Better Than The Mess We Have Gotten Us Into


With the sophisticated lifestyle that each of us is trying to delve into, it is indeed best to say that we are not just close to being messy but far beyond that line. So far that the line looks like a dot to us (Big surprise! I am a FRIENDS fan).

Let us take a moment and look at ourselves and realize what a mess we are.


Wearing tight yoga pants because ancient period was all about curves, applying fake make up, hand at 90 degrees to balance that big fancy purse, analyzing every tiny activity of the girl you’re talking to just to see if she’s giving any hint, falling in love uselessly because you don’t want an arranged marriage, putting sad WhatsApp statuses pretending to struggle in life, editing the selfie so much that even LED feels inferior, saying pizza is life but you love chapatti, and what not.

These are just a few of the million examples I can quote in milliseconds. I agree that we cannot make everything organized and maintainable but the fact that we are pretending to be perfectly organized is what makes us sophisticated in all our endeavors.

Now, how about comparing our present situation with our parent’s youth days. Here is how simple they were:

  1. They would eat simple home cooked food and be happy

Here we have got to eat something European, Chinese or Japanese every day and still won’t be satisfied and end up drinking green tea in order to digest it. *Mother of Irony*

  1. Limited Possession, Unlimited Liability

4 sets of clothes: 2 for home and 2 for outside. That’s it. And here I have 4 types of jeans which are of the same color, 3 funky colored pants which are socially unacceptable and uncountable number of T-shirts. Now let me count my liabilities: ERROR 404, NOT FOUND.

  1. Social Affinity

Remember the last time you called one of your close relative. You won’t remember because you didn’t. Our parents would actually call each and every person from close relatives to distant ones. They are present in each and every family function, from mundan ceremony to funerals. And here we get content after posting “RIP” on social media. Pathetic.

  1. Friends who last decades

Our parents would never write a WhatsApp status pointing out the bitchiness of their friend. Their friendship actually lasts 30 years or so. Here, we become best friends with someone we met some 10 minutes ago but it is soon that we start crying over that soul mate.

  1. They ACTUALLY had political ideology

Staunch politicism used to be prevalent those days, where people actually had ideological beliefs. But these days it’s all about the fad. A person need not have much knowledge of politics but having an opinion is a compulsion it seems.

There was hardly any sign of pretension.

Our Complex Present

With gadgets and all right beside us at every nook, we have failed at giving attention to the actual happenings, leave behind the misuse we do. People dying due to selfies, falling in gutter due to addiction to mobiles, and the mobile rays messing with our nervous system is an example of how we have failed at evolution and perfected at its side effects.

With obesity, diabetes, baldness, ed hitting the youth we have little to miss out on complaints. Cycle and fitness are still a better combination than car and belly or tobacco and cancer.

I might have missed out on certain unimportant stuff like humans polluting the environment or exhausting the natural resources, because when we are not even good at being smart humans in a smart society, what else do you expect of us? Caring of the environment? LOL.

If you don’t know whether you are an introvert or an extrovert then you must read this:

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Prateek Gupta
Prateek Gupta
Law student who cares and writes.



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