Invictus, the annual technical fest of DTU (formerly DCE, Delhi College of Engineering), is the festival of innovation, creativity, and technical prowess being organized by 10+ technical societies.

It is a 3-day remarkable event that is scheduled to be held from February 13 to February 15, 2023, and will serve as a platform for students to showcase their skills,  knowledge and ideas. The fest will take place across various technical and cultural venues on the DTU campus, providing a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere for participants and attendees.

The main aim of Invictus is to provide a platform for students to showcase their technical abilities and to encourage innovation and creativity in the field of technology. The event aims to bring students together from different technical institutes across the country, creating a network of like-minded individuals who will engage in a fierce rivalry in a friendly manner.

The aim is to collaborate with a large number of institutions and organizations throughout India and is expecting participation from IITs, NITs, Delhi University, and BITS just to name a  few.

Invictus has hosted several prominent personalities from the world of technology and innovation as a part of the Student Professional Awareness Conference (SPAC). These individuals are popular entrepreneurs, company heads, content creators, educationalists and public figures who share their experiences and insights with students, providing them with valuable opportunities to learn and grow.

The previous speakers include Mr. Ajay Gupta  (Managing Director, GE Finance India), Mr. Rohan Bhargava (CEO, Cashcaro.com), Mr. Sanjeev Agarwal (Founder and CEO, Amplus Solar), Mr. Sameer Grover (Founder and  CEO, Crown It), Mrs. Shreya Mehta (Actress) and Mr. Abhilash Sharma (Actor). This year too, SPAC will be the main highlight of Invictus with a total expected footfall of 1000 students.

Invictus will feature a range of technical and cultural events, including workshops, guest lectures, coding competitions, robotics challenges, and much more. The extravagant activities, which are free to attend, seek to provide a plethora of fun, learning, and knowledge to students.

The festival will also provide an opportunity for the students to interact with industry experts and gain insights into the latest trends and technologies. Participants will get an opportunity to hone their skills in cut-throat entrepreneurship, developing, designing,  trading and robotics events as they get to compete with like-minded individuals from a pool of 20,000+ passionate technocrats.

Invictus will also offer a range of exciting prizes and awards for the participants varying from cash prizes worth 10K to 50K for each event depending upon participation and complexity.

Invictus is the perfect opportunity for students, professionals, and anyone with a passion for technology to showcase their skills and gain valuable exposure in the industry. Whether you are a seasoned programmer, a robotics enthusiast, or simply looking to learn more about the latest trends and technologies in your field, Invictus has something for everyone.

Whether you are a speaker, sponsor, or simply a visitor, your presence will help to make this festival a truly memorable and meaningful event.

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