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The Real Socialist Mentality: Socialist Shariq


When William Shakespeare said, “All the World’s a stage.” He was right about the 7 parts that people play in one lifetime. However, there are people out there playing a lot more roles than that. One such name is becoming increasingly popular these days in Uttar Pradesh. He’s none other than Mohammad Shariq aka Socialist Shariq. Mr. Shariq is a young energetic politician based in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh. Also known as Shariq Samajwadi for his love for Mr. Akhilesh Yadav and the Samajwadi Party, not only his love for the latter but his commendable works in the field of education, housing, charity, and social upliftment have earned him the prefix on his name- socialist.

Born and brought up in an ordinary middle-class family he rose to become the heavyweight politician he is today and is now uplifting others in the society to help them live a good life. He’s an alumnus of the Allahabad Agricultural Institute of the 2004 batch. He has been active in social work and politics since. In 2010 he joined the Samajwadi Party and under his leadership and hard work, in 2012 Haji Parvez Ahmed Tanki emerged victorious from the city southern assembly, in 2017 Ujjwal Raman Singh won from Karchana and in 2018 Nagendra Singh Patel won in the Phulpur Lok Sabha elections. and became the state secretary for the Party in 2018. He also worked as the in-charge of Vidhan Sabha Phulpur. All these victories couldn’t have been possible if it hadn’t been for Mr. Shariq, it was all a result of his hard work and sheer commitment to his Party. His dedication and hard work can be acknowledged by the fact that his campaigns not only address social issues but prominent environmental issues as well. He plants about 100 trees every year as a token of gratitude towards our mother earth. He has also been working on social issues such as untouchability, caste-based discrimination, the education sector, and many more for years now. This active lifestyle of helping the needy is not his personal attribute but his whole family has been into philanthropy for decades. From donating land to arrange for about 2000 homeless families to serving meals and ration to migrants and the needy during the lockdown, they’re always ready to serve the country and its people.

From motivating the youth to be generous to being the messiah of many and working towards the betterment and development of society Mr. Shariq has come a long way and we know he’s to reach a lot higher in life. His life proves the fact- Be the change you want to see. We wish Mr. Mohammad Shariq all the very best for all his future endeavors.

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