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The One Stop Defi Interoperable Solution powered with Liquid Staking


TosDis is a decentralized savings protocol that offers a variety of white label DeFi products that offers an efficient and systematic environment for the world of DeFi.

TosDis aims to create a community where true decentralization, independence and democracy are valued above all. For us, users’ interests are the priority, and the community, in turn, helps us in developing and building a better decentralized financial future.

TosDis features and advantages

Secure and trustless, our Easy Stake protocol allows users to directly interact with the blockchain from within a browser without the need for interactions with any centralized backend that can’t be trusted or maintain availability during peak hours.

One of the primary objectives of TosDis is to let users to earn rewards from staking without locking their crypto-assets; initially, liquid staking will be available for Ethereum without the restriction to deposit a minimum of 32 Eth.

By staking assets across multiple chains, investors will earn entirely new tokens. This will allow users to stake tokens of one type to receive them as block rewards in the form of a totally new token. Thus, users get access to Hard staking, Yield farming, and liquid staking, all in a single DeFi platform.

Also, TosDis will have a decentralized swapping protocol called TosDex and an Incubator for new and upcoming innovative projects. TosDex comes intending to offer the lowest fee among dex protocols and the best returns for the liquidity providers, including a smart contract-based P2P, low fee, non-custodial, collateralized borrowing, and lending protocol. Lend, borrow assets in a trust-less manner directly with the 2nd party with zero involvement of a third party.

Staking as a Service in Tosdis

Staking-as-a-Service offers staking to all the ERC20 projects (initially), making staking easy, accessible, and affordable to all the present and upcoming projects.

Thanks to Staking as a Service, any tokenized project will be able to interact with the TosDis Master Contract to create and deploy a customized staking contract where users can stake specific tokens and earn pool rewards. Tokenized projects will have the option to provide any token as a reward, including their own token.

We have tried our best to create a staking platform that is very easy to operate for both pool creators and end-users.

Yield Farming as a Service

Yield farming is a unique way to make more crypto with your crypto. It involves you lending or farming your funds in one pool and receiving some other token in return and at the same time allowing you to stake or farm that newly received token in some other pools. This is all done with the magic of computer programs called smart contracts.

TosDis Lending Protocol will be connected with staking protocol to achieve the maximum yields a user can get.

In addition, 25% of the DIS tokens will be burned from the interest earned by TosDis foundation through it’s lending protocol.

TosDis Yield farming as a service concept takes the staking service one step forward by offering Yield farming and liquidity mining to every ERC20 (initially) project in the market. Making these new and advanced technologies accessible to all the present and upcoming projects at cheap and affordable prices while also removing the barrier of development time and costs.

Liquid Staking in TosDis

Liquid staking comes forth with a solution that solves these drawbacks and lets users get involved in staking with as little amount as possible. TosDis offers a balance of risk, reward, and сonvenience. It allows users to trade staked ether while keeping intact the decentralized nature of the Ethereum network.

TosDis Liquid Staking Protocol is designed to secure and power DeFi Ecosystem by utilizing any digital asset’s inherent value at stake, such as POS Coins. TosDis Protocol helps provide liquidity to staked assets through staking derivatives allowing participants to utilize their staked assets in the world of DeFi to trade, lend, or borrow in a trustless manner.

EasyStake Liquid Staking will allow staked assets to become liquid. When staked via TosDis EasyStake, stakers will receive a 1:1 Asset-backed token for the staked-asset, which can be traded, transferred, or used as collateral in the world of DeFi or any ERC20 supported networks.

Farming using Derivative (dETH)

In TosDis ecosystem users have the opportunity to maximize their profits by utilizing their received derivatives. We are developing many protocols and connecting them with each other using DIS token, increasing DIS’s utility to a whole new level and creating an economic circle that benefits the entire ecosystem.

To utilize the derivatives, users can create or contribute to the existing dETH pool on uniswap and receive LP token in return, and earn liquidity provider fees as well. Users can stake that LP token in an LP-token staking pool on TosDis and earn DIS token as rewards, which in turn can be staked in the DIS pool or lend it in the native lending protocol on the TosDis network.


With TosDex, we aim to provide ease and convenience of CEX in a decentralized manner. For efficient, fast, and secure interoperability across chains, we are planning to use Polkadot’s para-chains capability. Using the Substrates framework, it will be far easier and secure to create a custom blockchain and connect our chain to Polkadot and get interoperability and security from day one. This will enable users to exchange their assets across supported chains with the lowest costs and zero hassle.

Why TosDis?

  • TosDis network provides a one-stop solution for all your DeFi needs.
  • Cheap and Affordable: 70% less expensive than the competitors.
  • TosDis products are open to all.
  • Tosdis token is built to deflate.
  • TosDis network will be built on democratic community governance.
  • The model of decentralized finance is secure and trustless.

Economy of Tosdis

The Tosdis EasyStake Protocol creates value by providing liquidity of Staking assets. Stakers can obtain inflation rewards while circulating TosdiS tokens to respond to the market promptly. The protocol capitalizes on the value of creating liquidity and outputs the value to the protocol.

The TosdiS token is the native digital cryptographically-secure utility token of the Tosdis EasyStake protocol, designed to play a major role in the functioning of the ecosystem in the Tosdis EasyStake protocol, and intended to be used solely as the primary utility token on the platform.

Token Details and Distribution

Token: ERC-20

Token Name: TOSDIS

Token Ticker: DIS

Total Supply: 100,000 DIS

DIS Auction (35%) 35,000 DIS

TosDis Foundation (10%) 10,000 DIS

(Locked with a vesting period of 24 months, release 25% after every six months)

Marketing (9%) 9,000 DIS

(50% initial unlock (4500), remaining locked with a vesting period of 12 months release 8.33% after every two months)

Advisors (1%) 1,000 DIS ( Locked with a vesting period of 12 months, release 16.66% after every two months)

Uniswap listing and exchange listing allocation (5%) 5,000 DIS

Rewards Allocation (40%) 40,000 DIS

Staking rewards 5%: 5,000 DIS

  • Yield Farming 9.5%: 9,500 DIS
  • Liquidity Mining 15%: 15,000 DIS
  • Lending protocol rewards 9.5%: 9,500 DIS
  • DAO Allocation 1%: 1000 DIS 

Token Utility

We have created a token utility model that is deflationary and extremely rewarding for end-users.

Utility benefits for Holders:

  • 45% or less (depending on governance) of all Platform fees paid by listed projects is distributed to DIS Holders.
  • Yield Farming benefits for DIS holders.
  • Monthly Airdrops of other projects tokens for DIS holders.
  • Staking rewards for DIS holders
  • Liquidity mining for Tosdis liquidity pools and rewards paid out in Tosdis tokens

Tosdis Token Deflationary Utility:

  • 45% or more of All Staking fees paid by projects goes into burning DIS tokens.
  • 45% or more of all fees/commission earned from liquid staking goes into burning DIS tokens.
  • 25% of the total revenue earned from the Lending and borrowing fees goes into burning DIS tokens

TosDis Roadmap

Quarter 2, 2020:

  • Product Conceptualization
  • Team Organization
  • Financial Assessment

Quarter 3, 2020:

  • Development Commences
  • Development Milestones

Quarter 4, 2020:

  • Staking as a service for ERC20 Tokens
  • Contract Audit

Quarter 1, 2021

  • Staking as a service for BSC, Polkadot
  • Contract Audit
  • Deployment
  • Yield Farming as a service
  • Contract Audit
  • Deployment Liquid staking for POS Coins (Starting with ETH)
  • Contract Audit
  • Deployment

Quarter 2, 2021

  • Advanced dex
  • P2P Lending and Borrowing

We are creating a decentralized ecosystem for financial services – an open marketplace in which people without access to the traditional banking ecosystem can buy and sell digital assets as easily as institutional investors.

Learn more about TosDis unique features and opportunities:

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