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The Oh! What? Moments at IIFA’15


#1 The doll beats all!

Kanika Kapoor became the queen of playback singing by winning against Shreya Goshal and of course the much loved Pataka Guddi (you have heard it so much that you can basically hear the chorus in your head). Even though Baby doll is a popular party song; one doesn’t expect it to be in the run with such soulful tunes and meaningful lyrics. Outside parties it is a no-no unless you are a group of “Engineering boys” getting bored.


Catch the complete video at Desi boys dance to baby doll

#2 The Mask trumps the invisibility cloak

Kick was given Best Special Effects Award but the only special effect one can find in this movie is Salman Khan’s ability to hide his identity by wearing a mask #justsuperherothings.

But no faults here cause Alia Bhatt being smart enough to crack CAT and getting into IIM is also no special effect (no competition = win win).

Kick meme

#3 The Out of the world Award

After Jadoo, PK brought another alien in our lives with really witty questions about our planet, but except the Bihari pan chewing accent there was not much to remember, same dialogues about fight between religion and logic. Another movie – Queen gave us such insightful crazy remarks that start with a word in public and everyone knows the other part.


kangana meme

#4 Chewing dresses is the new cool

Salman does the most iconic dance ever “Kyuki Bhai ka apna style hain”. He doesn’t need a choreographer and hence no Best Choreographer Award. Special mention to the step where he dances with Jacqueline’s trench coat between his teeth. Very cool.

I think 2 states and Bang Bang had way more dancing. Just saying.

Kick memes


#5 Tiger Shroff – Yes be SURPRISED!

This one doesn’t even need a funny title; the name brings a smile to faces. So yes he was given the Best Début Male this year but don’t worry none of the other nominees are sad because there weren’t any. His launch in Bollywood was so well planned that his dad made sure he won 1 IIFA at least. Hats off to Jackie Shroff!

And not just limited to him his co-star was also the only nominee in the best Début Female category, congrats Kriti Sanon.

Tiger meme

Surely watch Buddhupanti to know how much he deserved the award.

P.S. Special mention

Even after doing such a boring film and that I’ve still not gathered the courage to watch it, The Khan still made his place in IIFA’s Best Actor Nominees (yes its for HAPPY NEW YEAR), would have been the best oh!-Somebody-bring-a-thali Moment if he won.

#Stilllovesrk <3

Credits: Google Images and Photoshop (by me :D)

Nishita Karun
Nishita Karun
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