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What’s the Gen-X up to next?? From cakes to walls it has personalized just about everything. Being called an era of Customization is what awaits the 21st century!

Personalized MUGS

Personalized CAKES

What’s NEW??

It’s possible now to make your homes look your own, to make them reflect you…

Personalized TILES

From designer suits and saris we’ve now moved on to designer tiles. You can now have designer tiles for your homes and workplaces made on order, in 2D as well as 3D. BAGNO STILES is one company offering customization of tiles.

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Personalized GLASSWARE

By processing glass the companies are now being able to make glass walls, glass floors, glass pillars and much more. These companies offer step by step customization:

  1. You first need to decide what(wall, floor, pillars) you need to get made, so as to decide upon the strength of the glass needed.
  2. Then they make you chose the type of glass you need.
  3. Then what design you want on the glass.
  4. Only then accordingly the glass gets made on order and is then fixed in the right place.

One such company is Art N Glass Inc. which offers ‘Total glass solutions under one roof’.


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With so many creative and innovative heads at work, let’s see what becomes of the customization revolution.


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