Po in the movie Kungfu panda 3 looks at his mini versions in his lost hometown and says “ Your real strength comes from being your best you”.

Well, that is one lesson that people of this planet need to learn and appreciate. In the mad rush of pursuing an external, misplaced sense of happiness and ill-defined ways of displaying strength, we have forgotten to be ourselves.

Are we the best version of who we could have been? Who we should have been? 

You may ignore the movies as a juvenile, but you cannot ignore the question. It does point towards a huge, massive gap in our understanding. The gap is called Happiness vs Fulfillment. You may derive a false sense of happiness by acquiring things, possessions but is it you. When you chase the best version of yourself you achieve fulfillment and thus happiness follows. 

One such person who decided to challenge the status quo, who decided to fight the social norms and decided to sail against the wind is Ankit Jhamb. He is truly chasing fulfillment and not happiness and he is doing it by digging deeper and deriving strength from becoming the best version of himself. He is a senior leader in one of the biggest consulting organizations, He is the founder of YAKEEN Foundation, a trust created to serve underprivileged sections of the society, he is an advisor with BRICS chambers of commerce and most importantly he is the latest sensation in the space of books. 

He has been able to decode the formulae for a fulfilling life. With leadership title, philanthropy, and creative pursuit he seems to have a great fulfilling run and not just a happy one. 

He started writing his first book “ Lost and Found at 35”.  A one of its kind fiction story based on principles of positive psychology. It teaches people to fight depression using the power of passion. The book received a grand launch at the national book fair and was received with open arms by the readers. 

He could have waited to bask in the glory of his first book’s success but his goal was fulfillment and not happiness hence he embarked on writing his second book. His second project “ Lights Please” was a fiction story bringing principles of human behavior and enabling readers to fight addiction, trauma, and grief. Lights please was launched in April 2021 amidst the second wave of Covid. It helped numerous people deal with their losses and taught them to grieve and mourn. 

Early this month Ankit launched his third book “Chasing Fireflies”. A unique love story with a profound take on relationships and companionship. The book is getting amazing reviews including Times of India where the tabloid called it “ Spell Binding and Timeless Love” 

But that’s not all, Ankit has been writing since 2019. He has written seven books out of which only three have been released. He has clinical psychology fiction, mythology fiction, tragedy and thriller fiction, and a same-sex love story in his kitty. Currently, he is working on his 8th book. 

The motto is simple and straight. “Your real strength comes from your best you” He is creating a better version of himself. His discipline, respect, and action towards ideas, his ability to manage time, and the conviction to drive closures is what gives him a fulfilling experience. 

His story, his journey as an author does point towards a simple hard reality, you can party and be happy for a day but when you chase your creative pursuits you feel fulfilled for life. 



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