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The Legend of Quentin Tarantino


Guns, bullets, blood, and dialogues that induce nerves of steel. Definitely not for the faint hearted. Quentin Tarantino everyone, let’s have a huge round of applause for the most original, ingenious man to have ever looked from the other side of the lens. Some may disagree. I feel sorry for them. So let us celebrate the genius if this madman with all of his life’s greatest works.

The ‘nerves of steel’ are perhaps in the genes. For he hails from the sunny city of Tennessee. Must have been something in the water. His movies have the unique quality, that you know by the way a scene is handled that it is a hands down, copyright, Tarantino film. I as an individual regard this as the greatest and highest honour any cinematographer can ever receive. And not only that, he is a producer, director as well as an extraordinary actor too! Too much talent for one person some may say. So here is a tribute to this great craftsman, with three of his greatest movies, in no particular order.






The tragic, the ironical and the modern macabre masterpiece, magnum opus of our times. Not enough can be said about this one and it would still not be enough. This movie was an eye opener to the world that movies this good could be made! The cast, oh! The cast… Bruce Willis, John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Harvey Kietel, Tim Roth, Uma friggin Thurman!! It gives me Goosebumps just to name these people. This movie starts from nowhere, and trails the viewers into confusion and meaninglessness, until finally, everything fades to reason and not the other way round. It’s like the editing team, just for fun, jumbled up the sequences, and it still bloody well made sense. It’s an art style unique to Tarantino. The performances by everyone were exceptional. Some might say this was their best movie. Some argue Pulp Fiction is the greatest movie ever made. It has got all the credentials of an instant classic, two bluesy Hench-men, too cool for their jobs, a boxer with a past, a damsel in distress, an angry boss and the utter twist of destiny. Yes destiny, how everything goes exactly to a creepily exact plan. You might choose to ignore that factor in his storytelling, if you are a fool. To me, the hand of destiny is the driving force in his exceptional stories. And so is the highly unpredictable nature of human brain. I don’t want to get philosophical on this one (I tend to do that). So I urge you to watch this if you haven’t yet. And if you have, watch it all over again…





A black man in distress, a German kind-hearted ruthless dentist, and a scary-as-hell slaver. Mix these up with a fistful of action and genius, and VOILA! You have got a modern classic. With performances by Jamie Foxx, Christoph Waltz, Leonardo Di Caprio, Samuel L. Jackson… this one is a hard hitter. Set in a disgusting time period of slavery, this movie gives every excruciating detail of the dark era. With Di Caprio as an evil slave lord, and Jamie Foxx as an unlikely hero, this movie will make you a believer. This movie too has the inevitable role of destiny to it. And it also has Cristoph Waltz (purely Awesome). The performances as usual are effortlessly perfect. The characters strong and the story simple, the execution… you got to watch it to believe it. Again, not for the faint hearted…






“All right people! We have one and one business only! KILLING NAZIS!” The wonderfully weird and strange movie from the German holocaust era. A band of unlikely heroes called the INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS decide to take matters into their own hands. Violent and wry as it is sad and satisfying, this movie was too a record breaker. The movie sees excellent performance by Brad Pitt. It is said that for a long time, Quentin was in a fix as to how to end this movie. He dwindled by the idea for years and years until he finally gave justice to this movie in panache. Known for its intense scenes and some brain racking drama, packed with a lot of blood and reality. This movie is a must watch for all the Nazi haters. And the ending will leave you stunned for about a month or so :P

what are you waiting for…?



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