So school time is memorable to all of us for a number of reasons, maybe it was for the friendships we made, the scandals that happened, achievements and trophies gathered and some not so happiness inducing reasons.

But one thing that immediately brings back school memories is the image of those big and heavy bags. Filled with books, notebooks, lunchbox, and water bottle, school bags were our gym back in the day.

Each student was pretty acclimated with carrying around a good amount of weight every single day and could almost be called amateur weight lifters. *I joke I joke*

At the same time, this weight of our bags was also a nuisance to us and something we wanted to get rid of. Those of us who watched western TV shows would be especially envious of the locker system they had there and wanted the same back home.

Well, better late than never, but turns out that CBSE might be planning to introduce the locker system here in Indian schools sometime soon.


 Would A Locker System Really Work In India?

Although the whole thing is in extremely early stages, but I do wonder whether a locker system would even be possible here in India in the first place?

There are two problems here that schools will face, that is, funds and space for the lockers. CBSE if it decides to continue with bringing this system here will have to deal with these 2 issues before anything else.

A lot of schools either don’t have the space or the funds or sometimes both.

There is also the issue of maintenance of these lockers as students will be leaving in their things in them. So safety measures will have to be taken so that items are not stolen.

These things could make many schools balk at the thought of, since it will require them to expend a lot of time and resources on the lockers.

CBSE should thus focus on these areas more than anything and how can they make the lockers as affordable and enticing to schools as possible.

CBSE Should First Bring Lockers To Govt. And Rural Schools


In my opinion, if lockers are eventually given the go ahead should first be brought to govt. and local/regional schools before the public and private schools.

See, students that attend the latter might have luxuries that students from the former school might not have.

That is why, private and public school students can still wait for a bit more time in order to get their lockers.

But priority should be given to those schools which are attended by students from low income families as that would allow them a place to safely keep their books and items if they do not have the required facilities at home.

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