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The Just-Launched Classes with World Class Musicians and Schools Costs Just $600 Annually


12x Grammy Winning horn arranger “Phillip Lassiter”, Producer and keyboardist of BTS “Doc Skim”, 2x Grammy winning sound engineer “Carlton Lynn,” Producer of Kendrick Lamar “Scoop DeVille and many other of the world’s best musicians” will help you start your musical career. These artists are the first line up for a new music education service called OPENTRACK which launches online January 16th.

OPENTRACK’s professionally produced online video classes will give detailed insights and a behind the scenes look into the minds and souls of world class musicians as well as strongly established curriculum adopted from world class universities such as Musician’s Institute. The classes – co-founded by Hyungjun Kim and Hyungsoon Choi through a Seoul-based startup – are backed by Content Korea Lab & Creative Economy & Innovation Center from the South Korean government.

Additional world class musicians and schools will be joining the ranks in upcoming months. Canadian phenom “Anomalie”, World class drummer “Aaron Spears”, 6x Grammy winning drummer “Robert Sput Searight”, 3x Grammy winning guitarist “Mark Lettieri”, and the legendary “Guthrie Govan”. Each artist will open their project file as well as take us deep inside other aspects of the music industry.

Each class includes video lessons from the instructor, live Q&A sessions, and other learning materials. For example, in Docskim’s class, students can watch 16 video lessons, opened MIDI projects for Lie and Tears by BTS and use the producer’s favorite plugins and other implements to apply to their own music.

“We’ll support the students with creative insight and yet without any rules” says Doc Skim. “It’s like going through a video game stage, every artist has their own role in the curriculum map. When the students clear all the stages of the game, they will stand right in front of the industry ready for the path ahead.”

“Skim’s class is amazing. He’s not just showing his know-how and work process, you can also see his mindset about the music as well as the right attitude as an artist,” says World class drummer Steve Pruitt, “I have studied music for many years and yet Doc’s insight showed me so much! OPENTRACK inspires me to always learn!” A typical class contains between 5 and 25 video lessons totaling anywhere from thirty minutes to three hours of running time. “The curriculum will be added continuously. You can choose any class. with any order, However we strongly recommend watching all the classes in the curriculum to get the most from artists and schools that only OPENTRACK can give.” says Hyungsoon.

For OPENTRACK, Hyungjun and Hyungsoon serve as joint-CEOs.

“We provide the ultimate solution for musicians who want to go pro.” offers Hyungjun. “Of course the students will learn musical technique and know-how from the classes, but that’s just a part of the immersive experience we offer. We will also provide a way to communicate with entertainment companies and reveal industry secrets of how to start a career in music.” Then Hyungsoon concludes by saying, “OPENTRACK really is an amazing opportunity to get full insight into becoming a professional musician. It is our mission to present the highest and most detailed content for anyone aspiring to learn about music and becoming an artist. Our passion is your success.”

Company: CLESSON CO.Ltd

Contact: Young, Kim



Phone: +82-10-8781-9878


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