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The Jhon-Jhon Institute is Helping People Everywhere Harness Their Natural Beauty


Startup Fortune, November 24, 2020: Humans are visual creatures by nature, impacted by what we see and observe every day. This has led us to be a superficial species, placing special emphasis on what we see on the outside versus the inside of a person. Although your soul is perfect and radiates pure joy every single day, the Jhon-Jhon Institute wants to help people everywhere feel beautiful, confident, and attractive in the skin they’re in.

Managed by Jhon-Jhon Ventura, a first-generation Filipino-American born in Los Angeles, the Jhon-Jhon Institute goes past the surface level fixes of natural remedies and serums today. Growing up with his grandmother in the Philippines, who was diagnosed with cancer, Jhon-Jhon saw what the chemotherapy did to her natural aura and beauty. It was that moment that Jhon-Jhon knew he wanted to devote his life to helping people everywhere feel beautiful, no matter their situation.

Diving into a deep-rooted passion for working in cosmetics, Jhon-Jhon began to specialize in professional cosmetic services that helped with burns, scars, and overall beauty presentation. He learned that as just one person, he could have an immense impact on people everywhere.

“My passion for permanent cosmetic services, eyelash extensions, definition brows, and so forth came from watching the hardship and adversity so many people have to endure at the hands of diseases and sicknesses today,” said Jhon-Jhon. “I want to be the person that shows everyone they can feel good in the skin they’re in, no matter what has happened to them.”

A Community-Oriented Leader

Jhon-Jhon is undoubtedly a family man, devoting his life and attention to his children today. He has committed his life to serving others and educating students who want to learn more about cosmetic services. For his clients who have lost hope in becoming beautiful again, Jhon-Jhon steps in to show them that there is hope. At the same time, he works with beauticians and budding cosmetic workers who want to redesign and build their careers today.

To make all of this possible, the Jhon-Jhon Institute provides education regarding: plasma pens, eyelash extensions, ultimate lash lifts, definition brows, hair follicle replication, vitiligo & color camouflage, areola & scar camouflage, and bleachbright teeth whitening. Jhon-Jhon works hard to ensure his educational programs and trainings are as up-to-date and fine-tuned as possible for all of his students.

“My institute is open to anyone who would like to join a cosmetic professional for training, or those who wish to receive permanent or paramedical treatment,” said Jhon-Jhon. “The permanent makeup industry is exploding in popularity, and I want every passionate student to have the access to be part of it.”

The Jhon-Jhon Institute has been open since 2007, having provided thousands of clients and students with top-notch training and teaching. The institute places special emphasis on providing the best customer service and support system possible.

For more information about Jhon-Jhon Ventura, visit: https://www.jhonjhon.com or Follow him on Instagram @jhonjhonventura.

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