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Stephanie Pedraza, Founder of Platinum Credit Resolutions is Helping People Reach Their Financial Goals



Stephania Pedraza is a native Houstonian who has dedicated herself to help her clients reach their financial goals and achieve their dreams. Her company, Platinum Credit Resolutions has successfully become one of Houston’s top credit repair companies in a very short period. Stephani prides herself on being able to transform her clients’ credit and help them make their dream purchases; very often a first home or car. 

Stephania’s sojourn into credit repair started with a mistake that cost her $5,000. After going through a bad credit phase, she decided to improve her credit history by paying off all her negative collections. She ended up spending thousands of dollars, yet her credit got worse than before. 

At that point, she decided to try a credit repair company, and what happened next was nothing short of a miracle. In only two months, her credit went from a 520 to a 730. Having experienced this success first hand, Stephania decided to start Platinum Credit Resolutions to help other families and individuals avoid the same mistakes that she made while striving towards their financial and credit goals.  

Platinum Credit Resolutions is the result of two years of studying the credit repair market and coming up with a unique strategy and approach. Today, the company can boast of amazing results and hundreds of satisfied clients.  Despite the difficulties in the industry, what keeps Stephania motivated is the gratitude of her clients for her services. 

“I will never forget the day when I fixed my first client’s credit,” Stephania says. “He was able to get approved to buy his first home in a matter of 2 months. Not only did that happen,  his lender and realtor also teamed up with me, and together, we were able to get numerous clients into homes.” 

Stephania’s top goal in business is to help as many clients as possible to achieve financial freedom. 

“Cash is king,” she comments, “but credit is power!” 

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