You’ll often hear a conversation about the Indian Army being too violent and ruthless, and even against the public if you live in India. Especially when it comes to Kashmir and deployment of troops there, the topic is quite sensitive. 

I don’t want to comment on whether I think it is true or not, because most of the news we consume comes from the media – no certainty of the truth. But certain stories should at least make us respect the army for the sacrifices they make, no matter the time, place or weather.

One such story came up a couple of days ago from the snow-clad valley of Kashmir. Due to heavy snowfall, most of the villages get cut off from the towns and it is hard to find clear roads. In such a situation, what happens when there’s an emergency? You call the Indian Army!

Knee Deep Snow Can’t Stop Them

After receiving a distress call (call for help) from Karalpura in Kupwara district of Jammu and Kashmir, a small team of the army was mobilized to Pharkian village. 

Since all village roads were covered in snow, no vehicle could reach the village and Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Sheikh’s wife was undergoing labour pains which needed immediate attention.

The army reached quite in time to help the lady with some medical items and a battlefield nursing assistant. 

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After that, the team of soldiers carried the pregnant woman on a cot for 2 km in knee-deep snow before reaching the main road, from where she was driven to the hospital and could deliver a healthy baby. 

I think for a distress call at 11.30 PM in the night, when it had been continuously snowing for 24 hours, no one else could do this job.

The civil administration and the family thanked the troops and Mr. Sheikh even distributed sweets at the military base near his village showing gratitude for the army’s timely help. 

This is one incident, but there are several such incidents that don’t come out in the news that often. The Indian Army is always in the service of the nation and there’s no denying that.

It is very true that the Indian Army is a moral army, and I’m proud to be a defense aspirant. They lived up to the motto “Service Before Self” in every way possible. I hope the boy hears this story soon when he grows up. 

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Sources: Indian Express, NDTV, Times Now News

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