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Being a lover of food and wine, I was always looking forward to enriching my gastronomic experiences in Kolkata. My journey began in 2018 when I was in class 12th. A friend of mine was recruiting potential writers with a grip of English under their command. 

Being forever curious, I enquired and that was the best decision I had ever made in my life. The concept of bloggers of food is something which I will explain further. 

How Do We Get Content?

In this city, once we start anything, we get to know people who know people. In my opinion, everyone here is Saul Goodman. My points of contact and eventually elder sisters and brothers cum mentors were Koninika De, Debadrita Basak, Dipyaman Basu, Suman Jana and Sourav Banik

This line of work takes us to explore various new parts of the city and with an eye for detailing and texture of food. We get the exquisitely plated food to both click pictures and taste it, review it and of course, promote it.

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This is exactly what “content” is for us. Aesthetically pleasing photographs of food that will drive your brain into overdrive and send hunger shock waves through your body.

The Kolkata Biryani

Spreads We Are Usually Served

A Typical Event Organization

After slowly knowing people, I got to know that restaurants are always looking for content creators and bloggers to cover them.

So, the bloggers here conduct an “event” where they invite other bloggers under the aegis of the restaurant to cover them. 

Some More Spreads, A More Bengali Cuisine

The restaurant or cloud kitchen or hotel serves the finest of their dishes and more often than not, have an exquisite plating. 

Rolling into the restaurants, other bloggers and I talk to the management. They are usually more than happy to oblige to our needs and serve with utmost care and hospitality. The menu is decided for us by them. 

Kebabs Over Abs Anyday

The Food Spread At Bloggers’ Meet

A Retrospective Approach

In the two and a half years I have been blogging, I have been to over 50 places. All the experiences were unique, with palettes of taste that wandered from 5-star hotels to street food at 5 AM in the morning to heritage sites that have been open since the 19th century to new restaurants around the block. 

The Chef’s Special Platter

Dessert, Anyone?

It has also helped me appreciate the one type of food I particularly avoided: vegetarian food. I have also been to vegetarian joints that were so delicious that I could not have enough of it. 

Out of all this, I learnt one thing: it is never bad food, but a bad day. 

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