Human life has always had its fair share of stressors and struggles, and feelings such as anxiety, fear or depression have existed in humanity for years, unacknowledged. 

The Holistic Living® is India’s premier community wellness platform, which brings those wellness Experts and Therapists Online to help individuals get rid of those Stress, Anxiety, Loneliness and Depression Issues.

The Holistic Living® enables a person to connect online with Wellness Experts – Coaches, Counselors, Psychologists, Therapists, Healer or other lifestyle consultants to get expert guidance across any of their Life Issues – Mental, Emotional, Relationship, Diet & Nutrition, Career & Self Help, Financial or even on issues related to Social Lifestyle. 

Mental and emotional wellness has become an important conversation in the recent times, and is gaining momentum, even in India, where mental health has so far largely been considered a taboo subject. With the growing sentiments of sensitivity and inclusion, there is also focus being brought to emotional health in addition to mental health. Mindsets and attitudes worldwide as shifting towards holistic wellness – encompassing all aspects of one’s personal health. 

Now, mental & emotional health is considered equally if not even more important than physical health. The holistic approach encompasses these aspects of health, but would also include other factors that have a direct effect on us, like our home/family life, intimate relationships, financial security, our career and even our overall lifestyle – the way we talk, dress and behave. All of these factors have a direct or indirect effect on our mental health which in turn affects our thoughts and actions. 

Thirty years ago, it was considered normal, and expected even, to be hazed in high school or college, but now, anti-bullying is one of the most prominent mental health movements, globally. Even within the home, for that matter, since times immemorial, physical punishment as a tool of discipline has always been the go-to for parents. But now, with growing research in the area of parenting & child development, and strengthening conversations about child rights, corporal punishment is considered absolutely detrimental, rather than effective. 

Now we know that these practices have an adverse effect on children’s’ cognitive and emotional development. Children who have negative and traumatic experiences in their childhood are likely to develop feelings of fear, anxiety and distrust in the future.

Probably the most prominent of these additional wellness dimensions is the interpersonal relationships we have with those around us. Whether it is our family, friends or romantic partner, the nature and status of these relationships have a direct impact on our personal wellness. In the modern day, where family disputes, parenting troubles and most of all separation and divorce are skyrocketing, feelings like stress, anxiety or fear can be both the cause of these issues as well as the outcome. 

Other factors that have a direct effect on our personal wellbeing are our career choices, our financial situation and last but not least, our spiritual life. Our spiritual life, which is in some way tethered to all these other wellness dimensions, also plays a key role in our overall wellness. Spirituality encompasses our beliefs about the world we live in. Whether we are religious or non-religious, the beliefs we hold about the nature of the universe, energy, divine power and the meaning of life are connected to our attitudes, feelings, choices & the decisions we take. 

Career struggles or dissatisfaction can have an adverse effect on our mental health – it can cause frustration, depression and feelings of hopelessness which can then lead to low self-esteem and confidence. Similarly, lack of financial security, which comes with a lot of uncertainty about the future, can cause fear & anxiety. So you see, all these dimensions of our lives are interconnected and collectively play a role in our mental, emotional and physical wellness. 

The people who are facing problems related to mental health often show symptoms such as mood swings, fatigue, insomnia or excessive sleeping, under-eating or over-eating and increase in the consumption of alcohol or drugs.

The holistic approach in dealing with all such health issues is certainly the best way of helping a person by using those alternative therapies to address the core challenges in a prompt manner. A holistic approach considers all the dimensions of a person’s well-being including mental, social, emotional, physical, occupational, financial, and spiritual wellbeing. 

Though the perspective of society has changed to a great extent towards the people suffering from health issues that are not strictly physical, many people still are not able to come out in open and accept their problems due to the societal stigma attached with such issues. The fear of judgement people feel when acknowledging these issues is the first and largest barrier between them and their personal wellness. This is the barrier we aim to break at The Holistic Living, by creating online access to experts across different areas of wellness, so that individuals can seek the support they need right from the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

In the times when a huge number of individuals, especially the youngsters, are facing mental and emotional health issues such as stress, depression and anxiety, the online platform The Holistic Living is no less than a boon for Individuals across the globe. It is pertinent to mention that The Holistic Living® is a unique one-stop community wellness platform for promoting 360° wellness and helping people live the life of their dreams. The platform not only lets people find a perfect counselor but also provides easy access to life transforming ‘Wellness Events & Retreats’. Team also regularly host FREE Online Live sessions, a free pass to which, can be sought for online access on WhatsApp at +91-9321073548

लोका: समस्ता: सुखिनो भवन्तु (lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu) which means ‘May all in the world be healthy, happy, free, and peaceful’ is the core philosophy, from which I continue to derive inspiration and make a positive contribution in the lives of people,” Sanjeev Mittal, Founder and CEO of The Holistic Living mentioned, when asked about his Mission of improving mental and emotional wellbeing among masses and give them easy access to the specialists Wellness Experts.

Coaches, Healers, Counsellors and Therapists at Holistic Living pilot individuals into their wellness journey and encourage them to unleash their unique potential across all seven key elements of life – Mind, Body, Soul, Work, Relationship, Money and Lifestyle. Welcome to the world of Natural Wellbeing – The Holistic Living.



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