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The High-growth Model of BlockEx will help build a Community of Shared Future for Mankind


Block chain, as the underlying technology of the Value Internet, has attracted more investors around the world as the price of BTC continues to reach new record highs. More and more people begin to accept and study Block chain, which is good for the development of this industry. Also, more and more block chain projects with the underlying technology are emerging in the public. This is a new starting point for the global economy, and this sector will be the shining star for global investors in the next five years. The current situation of block chain technology has changed from 1.0 technology represented by BTC to 2.0 technology represented by ETH.

At present, the block chain technology has reached the 3.0 stage. Stage 3.0 of block chain technology is based on smart contract and multiple consensus algorithms, which is suitable for various stages of DAPP development. Technology is progressing and developing day by day. That is to say, if there is a block chain underlying technology that is suitable for various stages of DAPP development, it will definitely lead to the great development of the whole block chain era. As Yahoo International News has reported: Blockex, the block chain technology that could lead to the next generation of enterprise business applications, has been handed over to block chain DAO developers. From the perspective of opening sources of BLK technology and the development of technology, it is believed that BLK could meet the requirements of The Times and become a solid force leading the development of block chain 3.0 technology.

As Singapore New Media reports: Several investment institutions chose to join BLK, after the join of Japanese Softbank Group. The investment direction of Singapore Sequoia Capital and International Data Group is mainly focused on building a more complete ecosystem and the upcoming open source smart contract field for BLK. The Carlyle Group, the largest private equity fund in Washington, and Accel Partners, one of the top five venture capital firms in the world, both joined the BLK team. Their investments focus on the commercial applications of the BLK token economy. In addition, the BLK Foundation successfully donated $10 million to the International Committee of the Red Cross for the Novel Coronavirus vaccine and outbreak prevention last week, which is helpful to build a Community of Shared Future for Mankind. What exciting news! Hats off to the BLK team!

With the participation of more investment institutions, the BLK project team also reformulated the TOKEN reward plan, by giving away more candies (TOKEN). In terms of time, the ICO phase of BLK token investment will end on January 31, and then the online trading will be opened. This is the biggest boon for all early investors who are bullish on BLK, because we should believe in the power of science and capital. The smart money will always be in the most growing areas of technology.

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