In the midst of escalating tension over her statements against Prophet Muhammad, suspended BJP spokeswoman Nupur Sharma has reportedly vanished. The Mumbai Police had been seeking for her in Delhi for the last 7 days, according to reports citing officials with the Maharashtra Home Department.

A Mumbai Police team was in Delhi to examine Sharma in the midst of several FIRs against her, but they were unable to locate her. She is reportedly no longer traceable, according to the police. The crew has been searching for Sharma throughout the national capital for the past seven days.

Sharma recently made controversial comments against the Prophet Muhammad on a TV news debate, which drew criticism from national and international officials. It has also led to social media hate speech and a national outcry.

At least 15 countries, including Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, have reacted angrily to the statements and issued diplomatic objections. Many Gulf countries summoned Indian envoys and denounced what they saw to be “anti-Islamic statements” made by BJP spokespersons.

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Based on a complaint made by Irfan Sheikh, the joint secretary of a Muslim organisation called Raza Academy, the Mumbai Police had opened an investigation into Ms. Sharma, a resident of Delhi, on May 28 after her remark caused uproar in India and the Gulf countries.

She was initially summoned via email, but after not hearing back from her, the cops headed to Delhi to deliver a physical copy of the same.

According to the Department of Home Ministry, Maharashtra, they have enough evidence to arrest Nupur Sharma.

While some think she is hiding from the officials, several others are of the opinion that something might be fishy. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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