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THE ABSOLUTE BLUEPRINT FOR DIGITAL MARKETING: A Book By Shubh Agrwal That Will Change Your Outlook On Digital Marketing


In a globalized world where every person is connected to everyone via the internet, communication has also transformed itself. Years of technological improvement has converted the world into a global platform for the expression of our ideas and opinions. With the onset and rise of a capitalistic economy, these platforms have been ideal catalysts to boost marketing, trade, business, and the economy in general.

Unfortunately, the one thing a lot of young entrepreneurs forget is that marketing on a digital platform is a whole new ballgame. Unlike physical setups, clients cannot physically see the product or feel it. It’s a highly impersonal affair, which is also one of the reasons why older generations are so skeptical of it. Furthermore, services offered via online platforms such as Instagram or Facebook are even more frightening, since the seller then requires us to entrust them with our personal information. In such an apprehensive atmosphere, how could anyone market their products and services online?

Meet Shubh Agrawal, who has just published his extremely informative book, ‘The Absolute Blueprint for Digital Marketing’. ‘The Absolute Blueprint for Digital Marketing’ acts as a guideline for all young individuals who wish to excel in the field of digital marketing. By utilizing technology to its utmost, we can promote products and services, without sham means, such as fake followers or paying people to comment. To have a successful digital business, young entrepreneurs must understand their needs, financial limitations, and goals so that they can work towards accomplishing them.

As a social media entrepreneur, Shubh Agrawal realizes that it is essential to gain prominence in a certain industry to effectively promote your product. His motive was to provide budding entrepreneurs with a step by step guide that would escort them to their business goals. The paucity of information regarding digital marketing and immense competition has been restricting small businesses from reaching the full potential of their prosperity. They are often conflicted about the type of platform to use for promoting their product, the appropriate audience to target, and the strategies to apply to gain maximum returns from their investment. 

Marketing problems also include a lack of creative methods. For the target audience to catch sight of the company’s product, the company must use creative methods that are unique compared to its competitors. This increases the appeal of the product. The target audience is also an important factor. This core audience must share a specific age group, location, and economic status that is ideal for the use and price of the respective product or service and must be persuaded effectively so they are inclined to purchase it.

Owing to these factors, small businesses often seek the aid of a marketing strategy plan that is suitable for their specific product or service. The expense of marketing strategy planning is a financial burden for a newly established company. Therefore, an instructive and educative book, like‘The Absolute Blueprint for Digital Marketing’, acts as a manual for such businesses, reducing their dependence on planners and decreasing their expenditure.

‘The Absolute Blueprint for Digital Marketing’, by Shubh Agrawal will surely provide young businessmen and businesswomen with the tools to set up their digital entrepreneurship and empower themselves without extravagant financial costs.

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