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Tech-Friendly Infrastructure – Text Walking Lanes


Walk and talk! What an idea, sir ji!!!

Well, sirjis from Belgium, USA and China have taken this idea a lot more sportingly and provided something innovatively cool.

For those citizens who like to text while crossing the roads, the government has decided to address their safety and provide a path to it – the Text Walking Lanes! These are distinct paths marked out on roads for the texting trotters to stick to, because the others are tired of dodging them! These “others” generally prefer to pocket their palmtops while on foot (Pfft! What are they? Neanderthals!? *eye roll*).


They said text-walking is dangerous. But who gives a damn, right? When necessity was f***ed, inventions were born (ref: Necessity is the mother of invention). Soon after, the cities of Washington D.C. USA, Chongqing China and Antwerp Belgium adopted this newborn, made sure it is well embedded into the roots of their home, and is growing well in all directions. Leaving no stone unturned, of course! And no matter how careless or absent-minded, tax-paying citizens of free countries deserve facilities, right? Thus these steps were taken.


What started out as a mere marketing stunt from Mobile company Mlab, has now become an international trend setting news. Tip: invest well in good advertising; it may do wonders!

Following in the footsteps, University in Utah (USA) has installed similar tracks on their staircases. Because obviously, younger minds are easier to train, especially for “multi-tasking”. Take a look…


Yes, there is a “Run” lane too. On a stair case… In case you don’t wanna bother to learn punctuality, just take over from the right lane! -_-

Nonetheless, this is a two-way lane (most places at least). While it is safeguarding those who tend to lose their heads in the screens, it fails to encourage GenY from putting away their little black books and focus on the more important things in life: safety being one of them. This could be interpreted as a sign that what such phone addicts are doing is not wrong, and it was the other person’s fault! Aaaand that reminds me of Indian roads: Mai toh theek chala raha tha, wahi pagal hai, andha saala!!

Next time you are on the road…


So, what do you think? Text-Walking Lanes: Yay or Nay? Comment below to let us know.


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