After pictures of a sedan with doors that opened like luxury automobiles went viral, Bilal Ahmed, a math teacher from Srinagar, started receiving praise online. Images that have been posted online depict panels practically everywhere the car has them, from the bonnet to the rear windshield.

People have been seeking alternatives to their usual form of transportation as a result of the skyrocketing cost of petrol. A Kashmiri guy is currently gaining popularity for his innovative solution, a solar-powered vehicle.

After 11 years of diligent effort and study, he has now realised his ambition. Speaking with the Daily Excelsior, Ahmed said that he powered his car with monocrystalline solar panels, which are renowned to provide the most energy even with less solar energy. He said that they are more effective and take up less space.

Although he had originally planned to re-design and make a car accessible for those with impairments, his plans never came to fruition due to a lack of funding. However, when worries about rising fuel prices grew, he modified his ideas to make it a solar-powered vehicle.

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Many internet users were interested in the vehicle, especially electric vehicles or EV enthusiasts who had been hoping that Elon Musk will establish a Tesla business in India. Ahmed, who worked on the project for more than ten years, wants to create a cheaper version for regular people.

Speaking of his own troubles, Ahmed says, “When I began the project and even after I completed it, no one provided me with any financial assistance; if I would have got the necessary support, perhaps I would have been India’s Elon Musk.”

He added that, without financial support from any industry, he has invested more than 15 Lakh Rupees in creating the completely autonomous automobile.

His current goal is to secure funding in order to establish a business that will begin producing this automobile and, in turn, provide jobs for the interested members of the youth.

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